Thursday 3 January 2013

Words of Winter.........

"Breeze of  Mumbai winter"

          India is country of great climate and the unique mixture of Summer,Winter and Monsoon. Winter one of the coolest weather which has lots of alternatives like "कड़ाके  की सर्दी " which means weird winter,  "गुलाबी सर्दी" means soft cool climate which everyone likes and "ठिठुराने वाली सर्दी " means cold which can shiver your bones. There are other lots of synonyms of winter. This year Mumbai is experiencing a "गुलाबी सर्दी". Normally Mumbai never suffers from cold but this year all the north state Up, Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana is suffering from "ठिठुराने वाली सर्दी ". Mumbaikars never has experience to bare this kind of cold. Last year when I visited to Punjab and Himachal Pradesh in winter it was really a bad experience for me. Report says that cold waves are coming from north is the reason of Mumbai's cool weather.

          It's hard to one Mumbaikar to bare cold like this. In Morning you can see the lovely fog which makes a great picture of winter in Mumbai. Every paper is carrying News of Mumbai's cool weather and ups and down of climatic condition. All the changes happening in climate brings lots of diseases. Expert says that following someday climate will become more cooler and Mumbaikar should have to take care. But Mumbaikar is getting chance to wear sweater and shawl. The coldest day of Mumbai came on January 22, 1962. When mercury dipped to 7.4 Celsius.On February 8, 2008 the temperature was 8.5 Celsius. The third coldest day came on February 2012 with 8.8 Celsius. This year minimum temperature is recorded as 22.8 and maximum 29.2. Weather forecaster has said that Mumbaikars can enjoy lovely winter morning ahead.

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