Tuesday 29 September 2015

No chamchagiri on our walls Please !!

Banners – City’s beauty ruiner 

Ganeshotsava has gone off! The celebration of 10 days was just beautiful. Many of the pandals are now getting off. I worked in Lalbaug area, which is ideally known for Lalbaugcha Raja. When you come out from the station, the first thing you will notice is the banner, the second thing you will notice is the banner and third thing you will notice is banner! Yes, you can see the BUNCH of banner of every small and big corporate, political party, personnel wishing you ‘Ganesh Chaturthi ki Shubkamnaye’.

Many of the places you can see approximately 20 banners putting in one line having the same ‘Shubkamna’. Oh gosh! Literally, Ganeshotsava is your political agenda to gather voters or you really want to wish people?  I really never understood this.

I think around one year ago, Mumbai Mirror has started one  campaign to stop all these illegal banner which was named as ‘No chamchagiri on our walls Please!!’ where they have published many of the photos where the illegal banner was placed.

There are many of the rules and regulation apt for the banner, but like other law it is also breaking.

It is not my duty to categorize which is a legal or illegal banner? But my point to say is why you need to put a banner for every micro and small things? If there is a birthday coming on of any dada or Bhai (we know who they are) each and every person come with a different banner. Sometimes it is so huge and consist photos of almost every person of that area. Why you can’t simply send a bouquet and card instead of doing chamchagiri on a public area?

Let’s talk about festival wishes. It’s good practice to wish people. But what people actually do is … Let’s take an example, Next festival is Navratri and in the next few days you will encounter huge banners wishing you ‘Navratri ki Shubkamnaye’. You will see only one line wishing you Navratri, and remaining space will be occupied with the huge photos of the well-wisher (many a time bigger than the Goddess Durga) and his/her political party. What an irony!  If you are wishing to people, you can simply put one line message and your name in small. But here things are opposite.

I know, technology has reduced the making charge of banners, but that doesn’t mean you should put it in every nook and hook of the city. The most awkward thing I found in banners is, the gold! People wearing gold more than Bappi Lahiri, Yes we know you have enough gold to fill a tijori but that doesn’t mean you need to show us. Another thing is White cloth! Yes we know you are a white collared person but please stop putting your large white cloth photo on a banner, literally I am just bucked up.

We Indians have Holi, Diwali, dusshera, eid, pongal and many other festivals. Let’s take 50 festival, and every corporate or political parties make one banner for each festival. 50*1= 50, fifty banners from one political party and we have numerous political leaders and parties. So now you can imagine how many banner we are surrounded by!!

In spite of wasting public money on this useless banner, you can utilize this money for making or repairing roads. We need open space, not the air choked by your useless banner. We don’t need your Political wishes, we have many of the friends and family who wish us, and this is enough!!! 

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Why there is shame communicating in your native language/mother tongue?

How many of you know that 14 September is marked as ‘Hindi Divas’? Maybe you must have remembered this during school days because on that day you have to prepare speeches in Hindi. As now school are over then there is no reason to remember this day because you must have forgotten to speak Hindi in corporate offices.  Many of you will say why you are writing an article on mother tongue in English cause I know if I will write in Hindi then many of you will not understand the single word.

‘Please reply if you are fluent in English.’  ‘We want someone who is fluent in speaking as well as in written English.’ these two lines are irony for me! Yes being a Vernacular medium, I have to face much discrimination during the interview. One of the HR even told me that if you are from Hindi medium how you can be confident enough to write an error free English article? One said hmmm… you are from Hindi medium, we can’t hire you I am sorry as it is against our company policy. There is lots of another event which are enough to suck my confidant and my honest proud to stand first in my department. Not only job I've suffered from this discrimination in my first year of college too.

I know English is required and I must put enough strength to learn English but when I've learnt A, B, C, D in sixth standard then how can I able to compete convent, graduates?

I am not getting gaga over my situation and failure in life but many a time I feel disappointed that I do not consider as eligible because I cannot talk fluent English.

Another point to write this article is the slow death of Hindi and other native languages. Today most of the children are learning in English medium and Hindi is the second language for them. They can’t understand minor words in Hindi. They feel shame if their parents can’t talk in English. Yesterday my colleague was filling some government form where she can’t even able to understand the meaning of  'उत्पन्न' it means 'income' for those who don’t know what  'उत्पन्न is.  I know English is a must but my question is if we India are the origin of language and we have thousands of efficient language then why we are becoming a slave of a foreign language. Many of you will say that English is helping us to stand globally. Yes! I do agree but you can do this with your own language too. Japan educates to their students in Japanese language and is they are the third world country or globally recognized country?

I've heard most of the parents talking happily that my child do not understand Hindi and we don’t want to make them learn? If someone talks in their native language in train or bus people start to make a face. I've once asked to a one of my friend who was ultra-modern that do you know Bhojpuri she proudly said ‘NO! Who the hell will learn Bhojpuri, yuck? ’ I still remember her face.

This is the situation of the country where the youngsters are cutting off the roots of the prominent culture of the world and their mother tongue in the blind name of modernity. We've one professor in college who once sued a girl who said that she can’t speak her native language. What she said was one of best lesson in my life ‘It’s okay if you don’t know English, but it’s really shameful that you can’t speak your own mother tongue.’

By writing this article, I don’t have any intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments but I just want to convey to India that if you will respect your motherland and mother tongue then you can create a developed nation in real sense. 

Who gave you right to abandon a little life ?

On every next day, we must read news of ‘Newborn baby is dumped/abandon on the stairs of temple’ or most extreme ‘body of a newborn baby found in Nullah/gutter’.  All these news really make me sick. I personally can never hurt an animal or a child. This is the two recent news which makes me write this article, kindly go through with the links.

In first news she dumped her premature baby in drain and claims, a baby was stillborn. She already repeated this brutal act in before. In the second news, a baby girl was dumped in the cemetery. These two are the recent case, and I am sure this would not be enough case. There are many newborns are abandon by their parents, but they are somehow not reported by media.

So my point to write this article is why human are so insensitive. Most of the babies are abandon because the couples are unmarried and they want to hide it from the so called society. My aunt told me one incident of her village where someone has dumped the little baby girl in a forest, assuring that some wild animal will going to eat her and they will get rid of this unwanted entity. The little angel was lucky to get noticed by villagers and later a couple from village legally adopted her and now she is living her life fully.

Okay, let’s talk clear! You start loving each other, get physical in spite knowing that this action will lead unwanted pregnancy, but you both enjoyed the moment without scaring the hell society.  The girl got pregnant, but you didn't take any prior action and when she gave birth you start making a plan to get rid of a baby. You have two option either to kill or to dump the little life to that place where he/she will naturally die because of hunger. Why? Because you want to show the society that you did nothing wrong and can live your life normally.

Do you know, when a baby grows in his/her mother’s womb he/she already start to feel the things. There is no other biggest sin then leaving a little precious life to get die because of cold, hunger. I think Animals are better than us, they care most for their children and we call as wisest species on earth do this kind of inhumanity?

If you are mature enough to love each other, then why you lack your knowledge to get any protection during the act. What I feel most devasting is how a girl/woman/lady gives permission to kill her own baby whom she has nurtured in her womb for about 9 months.  But this kind of insensitive people are just like evil they don’t have emotion, just go and ask to a couple who don’t have a child? They go to every temple, church, mosque every doctor, priest to just get one baby who can fulfil their life.  

Just one request If you have the power to give birth one life then you don’t have rights to take life of a little life…… mind it there is no other biggest sin than this !!!!! 

Life is the blessing of god please don't grab it from the newborns..., please !!!! They are the precious gift from god !!!!! Please take care of them !!!!

Monday 14 September 2015

A Humble Request to SAVE WATER !!!!

Dear All,

As you know many of the fertilize areas of Maharashtra is becoming the victim of serious drought consecutively. Rains are also lacking, many of the areas do not have enough water to even drink. If you have 24 running water, then you will not realize the seriousness of this condition. We are not a god and not has any power to change the situation. So why not give your little contribute to saving water!    Please please follow some of the following measures to save water:

1) Stick a small label saying 'Save water' on every tap of your house, so that everyone will have to close the unnecessary opened the tap.

2) Don't bath from shower instead use bucket which can save lots of water.

3) Use a small glass to drink water so that you don't have to throw remaining water.

4) If water is 'Jhuta' then accumulate it in a separate vessel you can use this water in the wash room.

5) Repair all the leaking taps of your house.

6) Teach your children how water saving is importance for us?

7) Carry a water bottle with you and fill it when you end up the whole water. If you want to throw remaining water then put it in the roots of some trees.

8) You should definitely nag people who waste water.

9) Use vegetable washed water to water your home plant.

10) Don't keep the tap open unnecessarily.

11) Last but the least, Put a small vessel fill with water for little birds residing our locality.

Please if you are going to throw water, then imagine the situation of people who go miles to fetch just one vessel of water. If god has not punished you in that way, then it is our duty to save water and teach our children too.

Once again just imagine their situation and Save Water !!!

So this is my humble request to every citizen of India to SAVE WATER !!!

Hope you will do this.

Thanks  a lot :) 

Wednesday 2 September 2015

The story of Lust, jealousy and Money...

Sheena Bora Murder case

Sheena Bora, a 23-year-old girl who was abducted by her own mother then killed. This case shook the whole country. The prime accused is consider as Indrani Mukhreja who is a wife of Media Honcho Peter Mukhreja. Indrani is belong to Assam and moved to Mumbai, then married to Peter. She has two children before her marriage i.e. Sheena and Mikhail. Which she introduced everyone as her sister and brother! Later, Sheena fall in love with Peter's biological son (from the first wife) Rahul and here the property dispute comes and Indrani murdered Sheena. You must be confused, you have to look at a chart. No one can be confirmed as accused until the decision of the honorable court. 

This murder case is the example, how one can lose his self-respect, to just earn money? The character of Indrani left me astonish. How she able to manage numerous affairs and then married to a person who 20 years older than her? Just for money, yes just for money. 

Her character reminds me Priyanka Chopra's character in 'Aitraaz' movie, where her main motto was life to be successful in regards of money. She wanted to be on top. Like here Indrani had many affairs to be successful and has such a hidden killer identity. She managed to make the fake certificate, she manage to prove everyone that they are her siblings, not a child. It's been 3 years Sheena was murdered and she manage to hide it from everyone. How? I was just amazed. A woman who recognized as a goddess of love... Here Indrani proves it wrong... 

I don't  know what will be the decision of the court. But this murder really showed how much one human can fall to just achieve lifeless money?  

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Why I am against of reservation ?

The Burning issue - Reservation 

Gujarat is burning, the whole country is burning from the demand of reservation and who is the mastermind of all these non- sense is 21-year-old, Hardik Patel. Maybe younger than me and he is shaking whole the country with his outrageous speech. My friend has written very good article on this issue 

So, today I am writing this article to present the fact why I am against the reservation?  Reservation can be simply defined, ‘the act to reserve something’. After the independence, reservation played a vital role to uplift the weaker section of society and eradicate untouchability and other stupid practice existed in India. Where certain percent of seats were secure for weaker section of the society. They need a chance to grow up and reservation helped them to come up and grow. I totally agree with this and can say that ‘quota system’ was the need of that time.

Now, take a span of 69 years and what you can see! A group of people … Oh sorry! A group of richer people is demanding reservation. They are burning the whole Gujarat to get seats in government occupied jobs. Are they are poor? No, they are the richest community of India. Are they don’t have jobs? What jobs, they have their own settled business. So why they are demanding reservation? Think about it! All these events are just political agenda nothing else.

Just move why I am against of reservation?

1)     Are you weak? I am asking this to you yes! Are you weak, are you not able to make your own identity and want to get a chance because ‘meharbani’ of reservation.

2)     Are you eligible? Maybe yes or not, but you can get jobs because of quota.

I asked this question, to shake your mind. The reservation system has now become an easy process of getting jobs and money. No need to give effort just march in a rally and kneel down the government to give you quota. Life will be easy. It was started to uplift the weaker section… but now everyone is equal. Do you know many of the eligible students have to drop their education because they don’t have a single penny to pay as fees. On the other side, ineligible, richer reserved students get scholarship to complete education. There both hands are in the golden pot.

I DON’T NEED RESERVATION TO SHOW WHAT I CAN DO? But I think many of the people do not have faith in his own effort so they BEG for reservation. If two horse is in the race, the first one is eligible and another one is lazy. Then what can you do… just tie first horse legs with reservation and the other horse will be the winner.

I want to see better India, Not for me but for the future generation. I cannot see any eligible person have to drop the dreams like I did! I was eligible, but reservation ruined my dreams. Just ERADICATE THIS SHITTY SYSTEM OF RESERVATION!!! And let everyone make their own way. 

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