Wednesday 16 September 2015

Who gave you right to abandon a little life ?

On every next day, we must read news of ‘Newborn baby is dumped/abandon on the stairs of temple’ or most extreme ‘body of a newborn baby found in Nullah/gutter’.  All these news really make me sick. I personally can never hurt an animal or a child. This is the two recent news which makes me write this article, kindly go through with the links.

In first news she dumped her premature baby in drain and claims, a baby was stillborn. She already repeated this brutal act in before. In the second news, a baby girl was dumped in the cemetery. These two are the recent case, and I am sure this would not be enough case. There are many newborns are abandon by their parents, but they are somehow not reported by media.

So my point to write this article is why human are so insensitive. Most of the babies are abandon because the couples are unmarried and they want to hide it from the so called society. My aunt told me one incident of her village where someone has dumped the little baby girl in a forest, assuring that some wild animal will going to eat her and they will get rid of this unwanted entity. The little angel was lucky to get noticed by villagers and later a couple from village legally adopted her and now she is living her life fully.

Okay, let’s talk clear! You start loving each other, get physical in spite knowing that this action will lead unwanted pregnancy, but you both enjoyed the moment without scaring the hell society.  The girl got pregnant, but you didn't take any prior action and when she gave birth you start making a plan to get rid of a baby. You have two option either to kill or to dump the little life to that place where he/she will naturally die because of hunger. Why? Because you want to show the society that you did nothing wrong and can live your life normally.

Do you know, when a baby grows in his/her mother’s womb he/she already start to feel the things. There is no other biggest sin then leaving a little precious life to get die because of cold, hunger. I think Animals are better than us, they care most for their children and we call as wisest species on earth do this kind of inhumanity?

If you are mature enough to love each other, then why you lack your knowledge to get any protection during the act. What I feel most devasting is how a girl/woman/lady gives permission to kill her own baby whom she has nurtured in her womb for about 9 months.  But this kind of insensitive people are just like evil they don’t have emotion, just go and ask to a couple who don’t have a child? They go to every temple, church, mosque every doctor, priest to just get one baby who can fulfil their life.  

Just one request If you have the power to give birth one life then you don’t have rights to take life of a little life…… mind it there is no other biggest sin than this !!!!! 

Life is the blessing of god please don't grab it from the newborns..., please !!!! They are the precious gift from god !!!!! Please take care of them !!!!


  1. It is really depressing that such things are happening in our society even today...people have become so irresponsible...they want to give birth but don't want to nurture and take care of the child...this mentality must change..
    Very well written +Sheetal Maurya
    And very good choice of topic...

    1. Thanks a lot pooja !! I really feel very bad how can people become so insensitive to live the little baby .. Literally I hate this kind of people and they deserve not less than hell in life.


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