Thursday 1 October 2015

Beggary- A profession or compulsion ?

Beggar, are they really? 

What do you feel when you see any beggar on the road, railway station or near the temple gate? You may feel like, how poor they are! Why is almighty god doing this to them? And you give some 1 or 2 rupees chillar and you move on to your work. But my point to write this article is are they really beggar or they are fooling us by showing their injured, dressed hand and feet?

I started work in somewhere in December 2013. And these two years one thing I neatly observed that beggars are not REALLY beggar!

Every day I have to struggle to reach the station, which is good 25 minutes away from home. In the midway, there is a tunnel (land owned by railway authorities for loco shed) and a temple of god Shani. I see approximately 10 beggars during my journey to the station. First four is near the temple and other 6 at the railway occupied land.

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When I started working, I felt very bad for them, especially a lady, aged  45 to 50 year who has wound on hand and foot. I use to give her some chillar every day. This happens almost for three months. So one day I thought! Why her hand and feet has always wound, I thought three months span is good to heal wound, but why her wound never heals? When I look closer to her bandage wrap hand and feet then, I realize she is fit and she use to wrap dirty, bloody bandage to just astray the people. At that time, I was feeling like to slap her hard but I can’t. The funny thing is she still sit there to beg and she still has the same wound. I don’t think god has ever made such kind of wound which need 2.50 years to heal.

Another old woman and man use to beg there, both of them has no fingers on feet. So they literally keep their feet like you can see the wound. Okay! I give them money sometimes just because they are old and not because they are showing their wound.

From the last 2.50 years, the things which I've noted is that they all are a group and they use to sit as per their shift. In the one month, the woman does not beg for 15 days on this place (must be some other place).

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One more incident occurred with me in the local train. The girl, perhaps 17 to 18-year-old was holding a newborn baby. I mean literally a ‘newborn baby’ having pink, layering skin. In my opinion, the baby seems to be born 4 to 5 hours ago. She was holding the baby in the dirty cloth and accompanied a little boy aged 5 years. She was begging, and the small innocent boy was also begging. The boy was looking like he has not slept from the last few days and he was falling on the seat due to sleep. So when the girl saw her sleeping she came and gave a tight slap to his chubby cheeks and like a robot the boy start begging again. I told her why you slapped him? But she simply ignore me and get off from the train.

In my opinion, the little boy may have been tortured. I feel my tears rolled down! Why people do this? Why they get doing all these things? Just money!

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I've read somewhere that many of the beggars earns more than us! They also own flats and car. We all know there are many gangs who abduct child just to make them beg. They amputate their body part to make them look like handicapped and so that we can be pleased to give them money. They use newborn child on the daily rent merely 10 or 20 rupees!

I know there are many needy people who are waiting for our help, but we need to develop the ability who is actual and who is fake? And please never give money to a child NEVER!!! Instead, you can feed them. We all know this kind of illegal work will never be happen without the consent of police and authorities! I think we all need to change this and these will not going to happen with one person. We all have to refuse giving alms to the beggars. So gradually, this begging empire will collapse.

What would you say? 


  1. This is very true Sheetal. Beggars, maybe not all of them, but most of them are well-to-do people, middle class like us who can make a living and live their life in a normal way. But laziness often drives people to beg instead of working. They just want money from others for doing nothing. I feel if a person wants to earn on his own, there are many jobs one can do that do not even require education. For instance, women can simply serve as household help and make money.
    And these people are so shameless that they want their children to beg. They just eat from the money that their children get. It is yesterday that a small boy, cute and chubby, came to me begging. He insisted that he wanted to drink tea. I took him to a tea stall and asked the person to give him tea. But the boy asked him to parcel it. I was watching the boy as he ran towards the station with tea in his hand. I then saw that there was his mother, sitting nicely who took the tea from him and drank it all by herself. This is really rude and it needs to stop. Begging itself should not be allowed and especially making small children beg should be considered as a crime.

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    2. Yes! Pooja this is the reason, we should not give alms to child beggar because their parents makes them to beg and they simply intake the money for their meal and keep child malnourished so that we EMOTIONAL FOOL can give them money .. Many of them literally use that money for drugs and they even drug their children too.... This is the reason I've stopped giving alms to beggar ... If any child come for beg then I simply handover a chocolate to them.


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