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I am 22 year old amateur blogger from the Mumbai city. I've Bachelor's degree in Mass Media, so blogging, creative writing is in my vain. I wanted to become a Doctor but destiny lead me to different path & now I am Writer.....

I am big bookworm, I can read books all day long. I read book almost all the genre but thriller, romantic novel are my best pals. Recently, I have found new love towards historical book, religious and spiritual books.

I just love travelling ..... I want to explore each part of India and probably world. (I am planning to start a new travel blog, so stay tuned with me)

I am bit mix of introvert and extrovert... Many of my friends say I am just opposite of my name as I can easily get angry.

I am not atheist, but I do not believe pouring milk, offering fruits to lifeless statues. It's been 1 year that I've not went to temple. In my opinion, if you are dedicated to lord by heart then you doesn't need to burn dozen of  incense stick. The only god, I pray is Lord Shiva. He is my best friend, role model and idol.

I hate people who show off & humiliate others. I love to help people. I live on 'Simplicity is my power'.

So in short, I am girl  who is bit lazy, book reader and has mixed of emotions.

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