Thursday 17 January 2013

Pollution in China......

Air pollution in China

China is suffering from high level pollution due to the industrial development. Pollution in China has reached dangerously high levels in recent days. Dozens of cities are affected by thick smog and haze, 40 times the limit deemed safe by the World Health Organization (WHO). Pollution has been identified as one of the biggest challenges facing China's leaders, with Hu Jintao, the outgoing president, saying the country needed to "reverse the trend of ecological deterioration and build a beautiful China".

According to the WHO, there have been 500,000 pollution related deaths since 2008; respiratory-related cancer is the leading cause. Coal is the main polluter, contributing to 80 percent of China's carbon dioxide emissions. The large number of industrial areas is causing acid rain - which affects 30 percent of the country. And, according to a study released last year, pollution cost China's economy $112bn in 2005, because of lost labor and medical care. People are more died because of pollution compare to cancer death.  
Only one percent of people in cities breathe air considered safe by European Union standards.

The entire above thing is really dangerous for any country.  It is time to think globally on environment issues. We entered in modern and technological era.  But this kind of development has just affected the entire human beings. The happening in china is not a sole issue of consequences of industrial development. Every country has to pay something to nature for using it. India is also suffering from this situation. People are growing in numbers and for their basic need they start to cut down trees. Every city may be it big or small you can find one factory with hazardous chemical. from air to soil everything is polluted now and the people of this earth have to think about environment and its protection. other wise every one has to use oxygen mask for breathing.     

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