Wednesday 7 October 2015

Happy Daughter days !!!

True daughters I came across  

I know I am little late to wish Daughters day, but I am sure there is no need of a specific day to appreciate your daughter! Am I right?

As usual I was travelling from the local train to reach my office. I was with my friend and he got a call from one of lady advocate. He ends up his talk and told me that ‘I appreciate this lady, she is a role model for everyone.’ I asked the reason he said that ‘her age is somewhere around 40 and she is still not married. You know why because of her parents, her parents are bedridden. She thinks if she will get married she will not able to help her parents. She has sacrificed everything in her life just for her parents. We all need to learn from her.’’ I was just spellbound, I didn't utter a single word and sinks in my own thought. Sacrificing your happiness, your married life and enjoyment is not a game. People from the holy heart are able to do this!

Another lady who is a friend of my colleague has the same story. She is now aged above sixty and she is not married because there was no one to take care of her sick mother. I've met that lady, I can see a kind of satisfaction, dedication and completeness in her eyes which we don’t have.

I've only these two examples, but I am sure there are many more daughters who have put their parents first above anything. Some say, only lucky people are blessed by a daughter. I am also a daughter and I always get feeling that if I am doing everything right for my parents or not. I really fear for the day when I have to leave my parents. I fear that if they will be al-right? If they will be happy?

On this era when numbers of old age home are drastically increasing these daughters really makes us proud, teach us, motivate us and remind us our duty towards the persons who are our priority! These daughters are the lesson for those people who think daughters can't do anything and kill them in womb.

I Heartily salute these true daughters!

Do you know any of daughter who put their parents first? Do share with me! 


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  1. Sheetal, you are right. Only the lucky ones are blessed with a daughter. Daughters are indeed so special. Although there are some exceptions, daughters have always put their parents and their needs first rather than their own happiness and comfort. For a daughter, parents are her God and she will do just anything to make them happy. It is not like boys don't care for their parents but the care and love of a girl knows no boundaries. Truly a BIG SALUTE TO ALL THE DAUGHTERS OUT THERE!

    1. This was a heart warming lines you've wrote Pooja ...

  2. Love your beautiful post!! Having a Daughter is such a blessing i swear!! :) :)

    1. Yes!!! Thanks for reading and commenting


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