Sunday 21 February 2016

A JNU alumni, A Jat died for the country but the others ...

It is said that 'the person who gets chance to die for the country is the luckiest person on this earth.' The one country named INDIA, and there are many brave soldiers who get martyr every day to save the borders of this country. They sacrifice their life happily so that the citizen can sleep a peaceful night. They are saving the country's border but are we saving our country?

Capt. Pawan Kumar, 23, an elite Para commando died fighting terrorist on Sunday in Pampore at Kashmir valley.  He was one of the four security personnel killed in the operations at Pampore where terrorist are hold up in the government building.

He was born on the day of Army day, graduated from the 123 course of the National Defence Academy and was commissioned into the Army on December 14, 2013. He was with the 10 Para Special forces and in service for less than three years. Source

His father lost his sole son but still he proudly says 'I have only one son and I sacrificed my son for this country. No father can be prouder than this.'

He was a JAT from Jind district in Haryana and a degree holder from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi.

JAT, who are fighting for reservation and JNU students who are fighting against its own country. Capt. Pawan Kumar coincidently belongs to these two group. who are now on the peak of burning the country.

When these group of people are fighting against its own country, this brave soldier sacrificed his life to protect this country. He loves his country, and all that matter was to love for the country and not calls of 'Azadi' on campus or reservation demand by his community members in Haryana.

'Kisiko reservation chahiye to kisiko azadi bhai, Hume kuch nahi chahiye bhai, Bas apni Razai' (Some want a reservation, some independence, I don't need anything brother, I only want my quilt) writes 23 year old captain of the elite force in his last facebook post.

This statement of his truly depicts that he was sad with the ongoing demands of Jat in Haryana and blind independence movement going at JNU campus.

I big laugh to everybody who thinks that reservation can solve their problems, reservation need to be distributed on the basis of ability, not on the basis of caste.

JNU students, what are you getting by doing all these things? you are born in this country, you are here standing on this holy land and you are blaming this land only. If you really want to do something for this country then stand up do some good for poor, do something for the people who do not get two time-meals, use your education don't be so blind to blame your own country. You are the future of this country don't put this country in shame!!

Capt. Pawan Kumar got a respectful death !! A death where he dedicated his life to this mother land.... Spreading violence in the country, blaming their own country with the misuse of  'Freedom of Speech' are the something which hurts this brave soldier.

The last message of this brave soldier really depicts his sadness for the ongoing events in the country.

Rest in peace Sir !! you are the gem of this country!! we will never forget you!!  But the things which keep hurting is A JNU alumni, A Jat died for the country but the others ...

Saturday 20 February 2016

Where is our country heading?

It was a new morning and like other days & I pick the newspaper. As expected, the front page of the newspaper was filled with various happening in our country. It has been few weeks since we are listening to the matter of Rohith Vermula, Kanhaiya and JNU protest. So no wonders, newspapers have covered that story.

I actually didn't know anything about these matters but at the time when media gave extreme coverage to the suicide of Dalit student Rohith Vermula then I smelled that this will go to blow many fires in the country. What actually hit my head is media is putting a prefix of DALIT word before his name. I really don't want to comment any section of the society but there are many other people who do suicide, so why does not media put their caste before the name? His suicide becomes the top news followed by various allegation on government. Even one boy burned up the tricolour. 

Coming to JNU protest, The leader Kanhaiya, and many others have spread many anti-national slogans. Many people say that it is a 'right of freedom of speech'. When the news came the first came into my mind is that they are really an Indians? They are the youths, future of this country and they are scratching the motherland where they are living !! This is the country which gave them identity and they feel no shame to support a terrorist. 

What makes this matter worst is in spite decreasing this matter, politicians and media are filling their selfish spoon and watching the whole country burning. I don't know what kind of education these students have! They need to first stand on their legs and then need to protest for logical things. 

On the one side where India is looking to move globally, this kind of people is pulling the leg of the country. Why they don't simply understand that this kind of meaningless protest will give them nothing! 

On the other side, Jaats are protesting for increasing the percentage for OBC category in Government jobs. Have you forget Mr. Hardik Patel, who also stand for increasing percent of reservation for Patidar in education and government jobs. 

Where one side India is making a stage for welcoming global funds in the country through 'Make in India' campaign, there are a group of people like these who are barking on the motherland, begging for quota or reservation!

In short, India is burning from everywhere and that too for silly reasons. 

Why the youth never understand that it's time for you, what you are doing now will affect your future will affect the future of the country. You are born in this country, you need to contribute the development of country nor you need to leg pull the country put it in a pit. 

It is really sad, in the era of 21 st century people still fighting for quota, blaming the mother nation and portraying India as a deep sad backward country!

Just once think about those brave soldier who gives their life happily for this nation! You are standing here just because of these martyr soldiers. Read this letter by Major Gen GD Bakshi. Nobody has right to blame the country!! Recently I read this line somewhere and this literally touched my heart

Today soldiers think that from where the attack is going to happen from outside or from the inside of country!

Think wisely !! Think Rationally !!

Thursday 11 February 2016

Food wastage - A serious issue

Food is our primary source of survival. No one can live in a scarcity of food. However, there are many who do not respect and waste food without limit. Let me share one incident which happens yesterday, while returning to home.

I was eating panipuri to one among the shop in our area. There was one lady who refused to eat the whole plate of served Sev puri  just because it was spicy. The man asked to put Meethi (sweet) Chutney so that she can eat it but she refused with pride saying I'll not touch any of these puri, just throw them away.' Why I mention this instance here the plate of Sev puri which she thrown away can feed the hunger of one child. I know she was not able to eat because it was spicy but she can ask to pour the meethi chutney and can eat the same plate of sev puri which she has thrown away. 

I never understand why people do not respect food and finish the whole served food. If you can't eat the entire food then why you take it on your plate? 

Since childhood, we were taught that food is 'Anndevta' thanks to god before eating your meal. In our village people literally fold their hand and worship the ann (food) and give food aachman. This is not only the concern of spirituality but it is a way to respect the food.

Do you know India ranks 63 among 88 countries in global hunger index. 

People can easily blame to government for insufficiency but does we ever tried to figure out how much food I AM wasting or how much food is wasting in our home? Our tradition and culture are somehow responsible for food wastage. We consider that lavish party, wedding with end number of menu items can uplift our social status. The fact is not a single food item in the occasion get finished thus we throw them. Many people attending party or wedding takes various food items and without finishing the food they throw them in the dustbin. Is it really acceptable in the country where a majority of people dies due to hunger? Nope !

Why is food wastage serious issue? 

  • 25% of fresh water used to producing the food is ultimately wasted, even as millions of people do not have access to drinking water. When you calculate the figure in cubic kilometers this is the bit more than an average river.
  • Even though the world produces enough food to feed the entire world population, food wastage is ironically behind the billions of people who are malnourished. The number of hungry people in India increased by 65 million more than the population of France. According to the survey by Bhook (An organisation working towards reducing hunger) in 2013, 20 crore Indians sleep hungry on any even night. About 7 million children died in 2012 because of hunger/malnutrition. 
  • Acres of land are deforested to grow food. Approximately 45% of India's land degraded primary due to deforestation, unsustainable agriculture practice and excessive groundwater extraction to meet the food demand. 
  • 300 million barrels of oil are used to produce the food is ultimately wasted. 
Data from here 

Can you still waste food after reading above data? If you still not convinced then spend just one day at the farm and you will get to know how many farmers sweat to produce the crop, which gets served on our plate.

The things will not change until we will not bring change in yourself. We can  prevent food from spoiling by just doing micro things given below:

  • Always shop and cook limited or adequate food for your family. 
  • Plan your food items, before entering in the kitchen. In that way, you can avoid extra spoil.
  • Be little sensible while organising food in party and wedding. You can apply a little note of 'do not spoil food'. Although it doesn't look ethical but when people will know your reason they will definitely appreciate your motive. 
  • If any food left after party then you can gather that food and give it some of NGO near to you. At least, you can able to feed some hunger people.
  • You can reuse the leftover rice and roti in next meal. 
  • Make finishing your place is the habit! 
  • Make your child respect food and stop them from wasting food. 
  • If you are hotelier than kindly add a little note of 'do not spoil food'on the wall of your hotel.
  • Whenever you go out for dinner or lunch make sure you order that much quantity of food which you can finish. 
  • If you are refrigerating perishable goods then learn to store them properly.
  • Even though some food left then create a compost in your premises and use this leftover, rotten food as a fertilizer. In this way, you are recycling the food.
These are just simple steps and we all can follow this. Please always remember that the food which you are throwing can feed one hunger. Make a habit of respecting food and teach this to your children too. 

Please take that much food which you can eat !!! do not throw the food!!!

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Monday 25 January 2016

Impact of social media, let's evaluate

Impact of social media, let's evaluate 

When we are talking about social media the first thought come in our mind is facebook, twitter, Whatsapp. I am just mentioning these three social media tools here but there are many other social media which are impacting our life. 

At that time when we didn't have a mobile phone we use telephones after that mobile phone started to come and then the things are still developing. Best quality of the camera in phones, music system in phones then internet. 

Simultaneously, the idea of getting closer to the people was also on the move and finally facebook, twitter, WhatsApp has become an integral part of our life. As every coin has two aspects same applies to the social media too. Here I am listing some pros and cons of social media on our life. 


1) Instant connection:

I still remember the day when my mom uses to walk far away to find the STD booth to call her mother. She has to maintain the time and money so she talks to her mom only for 3 to 4 minutes. But now when everybody has mobile phones with affordable price tag. Now she can see her mom while talking. All credit goes to video calling.

2) Better communication: 

Social media has revamped our communication now we can connect with everyone without any hassle and problem. 

3) Marketing:

Social media has become one of the easiest platforms to market one's service and product with minimal cost. You tube has various videos to explain about the product, Blogosphere is another way of marketing. The social media has really made advertising an easy task.


1) The importance of relation decreased: 

Even though social media has helped everyone to connect with the far-flung friends but while connecting with them we tend to forget our REAL friends and family.

2) No privacy:

Today every person love to share their life event on social media. But one has to be careful while sharing such kind of privacy online. There are many cases has reported where one have to face consequences. 

3) Cyber bulling:

Online harassment has become the frequent drawback. The photos which you have posted on the internet can become the tool to harass. 

4) Time-consuming with no productivity:

Frankly speaking, on one hand when social media is helping to save our time, on the other hand they consume our time. Really chatting, forwarding useless stuff to everyone is just time confusing process. There is nothing so productive about this. 


Social media is helping us to gain many things in life but in the context, they are spoiling our life. As the excess of anything is harmful so the same rule applies to social media. One has to be careful while sharing their personal stuff online. Whereas social media is become the one step ahead in the communication. So choose your side and move on that. 

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Tuesday 17 November 2015

The #madeofgreat family who reunited me with my mummy

Human is a social animal, they are the wisest species on earth. We are also animal but just one thing separate us from animals i.e.. humanity. We have witnessed many of the encounters where questions on humanity were raised, but I can proudly say that there are many other people still on this earth who are not less than a god for the needy people. 

Life is a journey of success, learning, falling, failure and most important helping each other. We meet numerous people during our life span who teach something to us either a little one but they all are our part of life and they are not less than a god messenger. There are many people who are inspiration for me who taught many things to me, my first mentor was my granddad who never feared to struggle and because of this he earned a great life.

I believe I would not have been here and lost from my family years ago until I met with one family.

I was very calm and obedient in my childhood, I never troubled my family member. Just like other children I too love my grandparent’s home (village), my nani (Grandma) was my best friend. So this instance occurred when I was with my mummy to attend a wedding in another village. As it was wedding in the home so there was lots of chaos and one needed to go neighbor’s home to bathe and wash clothes, so my mummy also went there. Being a 4-year-old, I also accompanied my mummy. She first bathed me and then engaged with further bathing and washing process. I was simply seated there and suddenly someone came and said that ‘your nani has come’ I become so happy and urged my mummy to leave me there but as she was busy she brushed it off. So I told my mum ‘I am going’ and stepped out from home. It was just 2-minute distance from this home to wedding home so my mummy thought I can go.

I was new there and was not familiar with the trail so mistakenly I took the wrong street and went to some other village. I still remember that I was searching here and there and was calling my mummy and nani…. But didn't find them. As I was a child soon I started to cry. People were looking at me, but no one bothered to ask me or help me. There was one big river and I was walking on the edge of a river I was about to fall in a river but then suddenly one woman catch me and consoled me. As I was crying and afraid, she took me to her home and asked my address and my parent’s name. As I said I was new there so I didn't know the address and my mummy was also new there so nobody knew her name. So I was not able to provide them any detail.

Her whole family was very sweet they provide me water and food and were constantly asking me to remember anything which can lead them to identify the home. They also have the wedding in a home and after some time I recollect and said that ‘My home also have wed ceremony’.  Soon they send people from the village to track down if any girl is missing from any home who have marriage ceremony.

I think after some hours one aunt from my home came and picked me from them and heartily thanked that family for taking care of me. When I reach home my mummy was out of her sanity and was crying a lot. When she saw me she ran and hugged me tight. After so many years, I still have a memory of that particular event.

I still get goosebumps by thinking that if that family would not have rescue me I would have drown in the river or would catched up by some goons. I still remember the blurry face of that lady and home. They were god for me and their home was the temple for me. I don’t know if I will meet that family anyway, but I always thanked them from my heart who gave me a new life and reunited me with my mummy.

Even this event occurred around 18 years ago, but it has left a huge impact on my life. I believe helping people, I believe that god is there. Our little help can rescue someone from entering the biggest problem. I still pray for that family for wellness and success. I strongly believe that ‘This world is a big family and we need to help each other.’ I have very soft corner for children and I always keep an eye on the street children, maybe some of them would have also lost the way of home just like me!!!  

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The Media - A fourth pillar of democracy or a Corporate hub ?

What is the definition of media? This was the first question we were asked during our first lecture in BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) course. At that time, I give the answer that Media is a channel of communication between mass and the system (read it was just the first lecture, and I was not aware with media concept in deep). My department head agreed with my definition. Later we learned that 'Media is a fourth pillar of democracy' and 'Media is important aspect of society, Media is watchdog.' 

I was very happy to learn all these things that media is the only branch which is so much important for the development of any country. As we all know there are many types of media but here I am going to talk about News media. 

During our childhood, we have only one channel that was Doordarshan and when news comes in between our TV show we feel like to shut the TV. Although I really didn't remember the type of news content Doordarshan was showing at earlier but I did compare it with recent Doordarshan with private channel here.

So let's move to the current era, where we have news channels growing like a grass. Every other day one new news channel emerges and this number is just increasing day by day. They have the cut-throat competition to earn TRP and earn a monetary profit. 

I used to watch news very patiently after my tenth and wanted to make a career in Media industry specially in News channel. Slowly news channel starts showing some horror story, search of haunted places and many more..... Viewers who was bored with the traditional type of news were happy to see such kind of interesting or can say fake news. I think the credit of these yellow journalism goes to India TV, founded by Rajat Sharma in the year 2004. 

I still remember one news (not really a news) where, the background voice keep saying.... kya aap in bhootah tasveeron ka rahsya janana chahte hai, agar haan to remote ko hath na lagaye ..... we really didn't touch the remote and waited for 5 good minutes to know the secrets but alas! they proceed the same visuals with some different story line. We feel like we are cheated. But you know this sensationalism of  news succeed India TV and Rajat Sharma. I still find India TV a piece of garbage.

The sad thing is slowly all the other excellent news channel embrace this concept and now news media is just a piece of fun or satire so I've stopped watching the news channel. 

Media now interest to cover that news which can give them highest TRP. Just like Indrani case, really Media has given more than 50% coverage to Indrani Mukhrajea case, Where the murder of Kalburgi was piled up under these waste news. 

Apparently media is under the influence of corporates or political parties and the news reports are 100% biased. I really hate when media show news of ISIS, Really media is the sole reason of popularity of ISIS and it's motive. They should stop showing the news related to them. The recent award return scenario,  murder in Dadri was really a part of sensationalism. We don't need this type of media. 

Media is a tool who have the responsibility to present an unbiased news to the viewer who have the freedom to form an opinion. 

I can understand to run every organization one need a good sum of money and media is one of them. So gradually media is becoming a corporate hub not a fourth pillar of democracy. 

The viewer need to be sensible and rational to judge any news, because media is showing you which you don't need and which fills their pockets. 

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Friday 23 October 2015

Why Always Prostitutes ?

'Prostitutes' what comes in your mind after hearing this word, maybe a girl/woman wearing exaggerating make-up, wardrobe and hairdo standing near the railway bridge in dark waiting for her customer. I think this was the image which flashed in front of your eyes,  right now after reading the word 'Prostitute'. Am I right?

Our democracy proudly provides equal rights to each Indian resident but what is the reason it does not include prostitutes?

The irony is we try to accept intangible things like culture, cult and caste but a not a human being because she is a prostitute, she sells her body for merely some money. While talking to one  NGO person, I got to know that government doesn't provide any help to the prostitutes modernly call as a call girl. Only some NGO's are there who work for them but doesn't get any help from the government.

No girl in this world willingly sells her body. There must be some pain, necessity hidden behind her smiling face. Somehow it is the cost of medicine for her old parents, arranging two-time meal for her brother and sister and she don't have any other option because she is not literate.

But what is the reason of the girls who removes her cloth in front of a screen? only for money and fame. No one dares to oppose them because they are from the reputed, well to do families. Obscenity on the screen is also considered as acting skill. Do we give them respect? Yes! we do, So why we make a face after hearing a word 'Prostitute'?

Adult film star Sunny Leone came to India and now the vulgarity is on the peak but the Bollywood is giving her multiple opportunities with respect and motivating other to respect her. Read an excellent article written by +Pooja Kshirsagar on this issue here. Is she is from a backward family? No, but she willingly strips her cloth, sleep with multiple men for money and fame. Why we treat different with a porn actress and a prostitute?

Farah Khan had directed one movie titled as 'Tees Maar khan' which has one signature dialogue 'Tawayaf ki luti izzat bachana aur tees maar khan ko pakdana dono bekaar hai' . Okay, now who the hell give her right to speak about 'Tawayaf's izzat'? She is a director that doesn't mean she has right to speak about Tawayaf's izzat. On the other side she protect her izzat, during one award show Ashutosh Gavarikar said her 'Shut up' here she became wild because it is all about her 'izzat'.

She doesn't care the respect of prostitutes, but she does care herself, just because she is a director and a personality.

Magazines, calendars containing nude photos of girl remarked as an Art of photography, beauty and boldness. This kind of images also help to boost the sell. So why don't you consider prostitutes a person having this kind of adjectives?

Here both the cases are same, the difference is that prostitutes do this in the small room, behind the curtain while latter does this behind the name of curtains such as glamour, boldness, Art, Acting skill, a necessity in movie and beauty. The second type of  curtain is very clever it hides the so-called 'izzat' but first curtain does not!

The children of the prostitutes also bound to live the poor life like her mother, they are unable to get a proper education because there are many social stigmas attached with the profession.

I want to ask all the top notch Bollywood people can you give one movie to a prostitute? The answer will be a 'BIG NO'. But why, Sunny Leone does the same she earn money in the name of Adult film and her money can be counts in millions, but here prostitutes earn barely some thousand money to just feed her hunger.

We have worn an outfit of modernity but from inside we all suffer from narrow, biased, Hippocratic mind. Why not, we can give them a chance to come out from the dark narrow street, room and breathe in the fresh environment? why?

Just think about it !! 

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