Thursday 11 February 2016

Food wastage - A serious issue

Food is our primary source of survival. No one can live in a scarcity of food. However, there are many who do not respect and waste food without limit. Let me share one incident which happens yesterday, while returning to home.

I was eating panipuri to one among the shop in our area. There was one lady who refused to eat the whole plate of served Sev puri  just because it was spicy. The man asked to put Meethi (sweet) Chutney so that she can eat it but she refused with pride saying I'll not touch any of these puri, just throw them away.' Why I mention this instance here the plate of Sev puri which she thrown away can feed the hunger of one child. I know she was not able to eat because it was spicy but she can ask to pour the meethi chutney and can eat the same plate of sev puri which she has thrown away. 

I never understand why people do not respect food and finish the whole served food. If you can't eat the entire food then why you take it on your plate? 

Since childhood, we were taught that food is 'Anndevta' thanks to god before eating your meal. In our village people literally fold their hand and worship the ann (food) and give food aachman. This is not only the concern of spirituality but it is a way to respect the food.

Do you know India ranks 63 among 88 countries in global hunger index. 

People can easily blame to government for insufficiency but does we ever tried to figure out how much food I AM wasting or how much food is wasting in our home? Our tradition and culture are somehow responsible for food wastage. We consider that lavish party, wedding with end number of menu items can uplift our social status. The fact is not a single food item in the occasion get finished thus we throw them. Many people attending party or wedding takes various food items and without finishing the food they throw them in the dustbin. Is it really acceptable in the country where a majority of people dies due to hunger? Nope !

Why is food wastage serious issue? 

  • 25% of fresh water used to producing the food is ultimately wasted, even as millions of people do not have access to drinking water. When you calculate the figure in cubic kilometers this is the bit more than an average river.
  • Even though the world produces enough food to feed the entire world population, food wastage is ironically behind the billions of people who are malnourished. The number of hungry people in India increased by 65 million more than the population of France. According to the survey by Bhook (An organisation working towards reducing hunger) in 2013, 20 crore Indians sleep hungry on any even night. About 7 million children died in 2012 because of hunger/malnutrition. 
  • Acres of land are deforested to grow food. Approximately 45% of India's land degraded primary due to deforestation, unsustainable agriculture practice and excessive groundwater extraction to meet the food demand. 
  • 300 million barrels of oil are used to produce the food is ultimately wasted. 
Data from here 

Can you still waste food after reading above data? If you still not convinced then spend just one day at the farm and you will get to know how many farmers sweat to produce the crop, which gets served on our plate.

The things will not change until we will not bring change in yourself. We can  prevent food from spoiling by just doing micro things given below:

  • Always shop and cook limited or adequate food for your family. 
  • Plan your food items, before entering in the kitchen. In that way, you can avoid extra spoil.
  • Be little sensible while organising food in party and wedding. You can apply a little note of 'do not spoil food'. Although it doesn't look ethical but when people will know your reason they will definitely appreciate your motive. 
  • If any food left after party then you can gather that food and give it some of NGO near to you. At least, you can able to feed some hunger people.
  • You can reuse the leftover rice and roti in next meal. 
  • Make finishing your place is the habit! 
  • Make your child respect food and stop them from wasting food. 
  • If you are hotelier than kindly add a little note of 'do not spoil food'on the wall of your hotel.
  • Whenever you go out for dinner or lunch make sure you order that much quantity of food which you can finish. 
  • If you are refrigerating perishable goods then learn to store them properly.
  • Even though some food left then create a compost in your premises and use this leftover, rotten food as a fertilizer. In this way, you are recycling the food.
These are just simple steps and we all can follow this. Please always remember that the food which you are throwing can feed one hunger. Make a habit of respecting food and teach this to your children too. 

Please take that much food which you can eat !!! do not throw the food!!!

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  1. What an amazing post Sheetal, I am glad that Indian bloggers are concerned about such a critical issue. I am sure that this initiative will definitely make a difference.

    1. Yes Shivani, I think the same. people are more educated now but still these things happen in our country. People need to learn to respect the food then only food crisis of India & world can get solve.... Thank you so much for reading and commenting.


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