Friday 23 October 2015

Why Always Prostitutes ?

'Prostitutes' what comes in your mind after hearing this word, maybe a girl/woman wearing exaggerating make-up, wardrobe and hairdo standing near the railway bridge in dark waiting for her customer. I think this was the image which flashed in front of your eyes,  right now after reading the word 'Prostitute'. Am I right?

Our democracy proudly provides equal rights to each Indian resident but what is the reason it does not include prostitutes?

The irony is we try to accept intangible things like culture, cult and caste but a not a human being because she is a prostitute, she sells her body for merely some money. While talking to one  NGO person, I got to know that government doesn't provide any help to the prostitutes modernly call as a call girl. Only some NGO's are there who work for them but doesn't get any help from the government.

No girl in this world willingly sells her body. There must be some pain, necessity hidden behind her smiling face. Somehow it is the cost of medicine for her old parents, arranging two-time meal for her brother and sister and she don't have any other option because she is not literate.

But what is the reason of the girls who removes her cloth in front of a screen? only for money and fame. No one dares to oppose them because they are from the reputed, well to do families. Obscenity on the screen is also considered as acting skill. Do we give them respect? Yes! we do, So why we make a face after hearing a word 'Prostitute'?

Adult film star Sunny Leone came to India and now the vulgarity is on the peak but the Bollywood is giving her multiple opportunities with respect and motivating other to respect her. Read an excellent article written by +Pooja Kshirsagar on this issue here. Is she is from a backward family? No, but she willingly strips her cloth, sleep with multiple men for money and fame. Why we treat different with a porn actress and a prostitute?

Farah Khan had directed one movie titled as 'Tees Maar khan' which has one signature dialogue 'Tawayaf ki luti izzat bachana aur tees maar khan ko pakdana dono bekaar hai' . Okay, now who the hell give her right to speak about 'Tawayaf's izzat'? She is a director that doesn't mean she has right to speak about Tawayaf's izzat. On the other side she protect her izzat, during one award show Ashutosh Gavarikar said her 'Shut up' here she became wild because it is all about her 'izzat'.

She doesn't care the respect of prostitutes, but she does care herself, just because she is a director and a personality.

Magazines, calendars containing nude photos of girl remarked as an Art of photography, beauty and boldness. This kind of images also help to boost the sell. So why don't you consider prostitutes a person having this kind of adjectives?

Here both the cases are same, the difference is that prostitutes do this in the small room, behind the curtain while latter does this behind the name of curtains such as glamour, boldness, Art, Acting skill, a necessity in movie and beauty. The second type of  curtain is very clever it hides the so-called 'izzat' but first curtain does not!

The children of the prostitutes also bound to live the poor life like her mother, they are unable to get a proper education because there are many social stigmas attached with the profession.

I want to ask all the top notch Bollywood people can you give one movie to a prostitute? The answer will be a 'BIG NO'. But why, Sunny Leone does the same she earn money in the name of Adult film and her money can be counts in millions, but here prostitutes earn barely some thousand money to just feed her hunger.

We have worn an outfit of modernity but from inside we all suffer from narrow, biased, Hippocratic mind. Why not, we can give them a chance to come out from the dark narrow street, room and breathe in the fresh environment? why?

Just think about it !! 

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