Wednesday 2 September 2015

The story of Lust, jealousy and Money...

Sheena Bora Murder case

Sheena Bora, a 23-year-old girl who was abducted by her own mother then killed. This case shook the whole country. The prime accused is consider as Indrani Mukhreja who is a wife of Media Honcho Peter Mukhreja. Indrani is belong to Assam and moved to Mumbai, then married to Peter. She has two children before her marriage i.e. Sheena and Mikhail. Which she introduced everyone as her sister and brother! Later, Sheena fall in love with Peter's biological son (from the first wife) Rahul and here the property dispute comes and Indrani murdered Sheena. You must be confused, you have to look at a chart. No one can be confirmed as accused until the decision of the honorable court. 

This murder case is the example, how one can lose his self-respect, to just earn money? The character of Indrani left me astonish. How she able to manage numerous affairs and then married to a person who 20 years older than her? Just for money, yes just for money. 

Her character reminds me Priyanka Chopra's character in 'Aitraaz' movie, where her main motto was life to be successful in regards of money. She wanted to be on top. Like here Indrani had many affairs to be successful and has such a hidden killer identity. She managed to make the fake certificate, she manage to prove everyone that they are her siblings, not a child. It's been 3 years Sheena was murdered and she manage to hide it from everyone. How? I was just amazed. A woman who recognized as a goddess of love... Here Indrani proves it wrong... 

I don't  know what will be the decision of the court. But this murder really showed how much one human can fall to just achieve lifeless money?  

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