Monday 14 September 2015

A Humble Request to SAVE WATER !!!!

Dear All,

As you know many of the fertilize areas of Maharashtra is becoming the victim of serious drought consecutively. Rains are also lacking, many of the areas do not have enough water to even drink. If you have 24 running water, then you will not realize the seriousness of this condition. We are not a god and not has any power to change the situation. So why not give your little contribute to saving water!    Please please follow some of the following measures to save water:

1) Stick a small label saying 'Save water' on every tap of your house, so that everyone will have to close the unnecessary opened the tap.

2) Don't bath from shower instead use bucket which can save lots of water.

3) Use a small glass to drink water so that you don't have to throw remaining water.

4) If water is 'Jhuta' then accumulate it in a separate vessel you can use this water in the wash room.

5) Repair all the leaking taps of your house.

6) Teach your children how water saving is importance for us?

7) Carry a water bottle with you and fill it when you end up the whole water. If you want to throw remaining water then put it in the roots of some trees.

8) You should definitely nag people who waste water.

9) Use vegetable washed water to water your home plant.

10) Don't keep the tap open unnecessarily.

11) Last but the least, Put a small vessel fill with water for little birds residing our locality.

Please if you are going to throw water, then imagine the situation of people who go miles to fetch just one vessel of water. If god has not punished you in that way, then it is our duty to save water and teach our children too.

Once again just imagine their situation and Save Water !!!

So this is my humble request to every citizen of India to SAVE WATER !!!

Hope you will do this.

Thanks  a lot :) 

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