Thursday 17 October 2013

buffet system........

Bull buff buffet

Buffet system is a very popular in recent time for wedding, birthday parties. Buffet is a system where guests serve meal for themselves. No need to take a tension of serving….. It is system where invitees can spend less money on food serving staff. In India it is a new system of food serving especially in wedding. People are still confused with the buffet system.
One main drawback of this bull buff buffet system is stand, eat your food and just get out here…hssssssh….  You have to take queue for taking your meal and when you served your FINAL food … you feel like…. Yes! I am the winner I won this battle thank god…… hahahahaha it’s realty of buffet. When my aunt marriage was fixed in village we thought to keep buffet system to get rid of serving food………. But luckily we heard news where the family of bride has kept buffet system and old (experienced) people refused to eat food as they thought it’s a very shameful way to fed up your guests… after hearing this we kept aside our Idea of buffet. We are lucky who get the instant guidance on buffet but a large audience in India will never digest the buffet system. My Grandma says it’s a shameful way to treat your guest. One of the benefit of buffet is you can easily get into the wedding for eating where you was not invited it works yar! Like a 3 idiot movie scene. So don’t blame buffet it will help you when you are alone and lonely in home and can’t control your hunger. 

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  1. I believe there is a lot of wastage in buffet system. Last week I attended a wedding expo in one of the finest wedding venues and there a person could order food of their own choice. Fresh food was made at that time and served hot. I liked the idea a lot.


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