Monday 17 February 2014

LOVE ....

Love, what is love?

There is a lot of definition about "LOVE". Love is this & that. But according to me … love is the magical, beautiful, fragrance full moment, a part of your life. This is unexplainable. It is just an experience which can explain as per the situation. What I mean to say this is that today I am feeling happy in love so I am writing positive about this and if something goes wrong then I will definitely wrote wrong about Love.

Thermometer of love fluctuates as per time, devotion, trust. This entire thing never remains the same it may be fluctuating day by day, year by year. But to keep same temperature of love is a challenge.

To care about your love, giving them a small pleasant, present, surprises always keeps tight your love bond. Always try to keep your love happy. Sometime one has to make sacrifices for them so be ready to do the same. Marriage to your love must be like a dream come true. But it is said that after marriage love decreases. It should be depend on us. Love is not depending on looks on personality but depend on your devotion to your love. Always show respect to your love and make him/her feel that how much he/she is important in your life.

I think valentine day is the best day to tell your love one that how much you love them and how he/she is important in his/her life.

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