Tuesday 17 November 2015

The #madeofgreat family who reunited me with my mummy

Human is a social animal, they are the wisest species on earth. We are also animal but just one thing separate us from animals i.e.. humanity. We have witnessed many of the encounters where questions on humanity were raised, but I can proudly say that there are many other people still on this earth who are not less than a god for the needy people. 

Life is a journey of success, learning, falling, failure and most important helping each other. We meet numerous people during our life span who teach something to us either a little one but they all are our part of life and they are not less than a god messenger. There are many people who are inspiration for me who taught many things to me, my first mentor was my granddad who never feared to struggle and because of this he earned a great life.

I believe I would not have been here and lost from my family years ago until I met with one family.

I was very calm and obedient in my childhood, I never troubled my family member. Just like other children I too love my grandparent’s home (village), my nani (Grandma) was my best friend. So this instance occurred when I was with my mummy to attend a wedding in another village. As it was wedding in the home so there was lots of chaos and one needed to go neighbor’s home to bathe and wash clothes, so my mummy also went there. Being a 4-year-old, I also accompanied my mummy. She first bathed me and then engaged with further bathing and washing process. I was simply seated there and suddenly someone came and said that ‘your nani has come’ I become so happy and urged my mummy to leave me there but as she was busy she brushed it off. So I told my mum ‘I am going’ and stepped out from home. It was just 2-minute distance from this home to wedding home so my mummy thought I can go.

I was new there and was not familiar with the trail so mistakenly I took the wrong street and went to some other village. I still remember that I was searching here and there and was calling my mummy and nani…. But didn't find them. As I was a child soon I started to cry. People were looking at me, but no one bothered to ask me or help me. There was one big river and I was walking on the edge of a river I was about to fall in a river but then suddenly one woman catch me and consoled me. As I was crying and afraid, she took me to her home and asked my address and my parent’s name. As I said I was new there so I didn't know the address and my mummy was also new there so nobody knew her name. So I was not able to provide them any detail.

Her whole family was very sweet they provide me water and food and were constantly asking me to remember anything which can lead them to identify the home. They also have the wedding in a home and after some time I recollect and said that ‘My home also have wed ceremony’.  Soon they send people from the village to track down if any girl is missing from any home who have marriage ceremony.

I think after some hours one aunt from my home came and picked me from them and heartily thanked that family for taking care of me. When I reach home my mummy was out of her sanity and was crying a lot. When she saw me she ran and hugged me tight. After so many years, I still have a memory of that particular event.

I still get goosebumps by thinking that if that family would not have rescue me I would have drown in the river or would catched up by some goons. I still remember the blurry face of that lady and home. They were god for me and their home was the temple for me. I don’t know if I will meet that family anyway, but I always thanked them from my heart who gave me a new life and reunited me with my mummy.

Even this event occurred around 18 years ago, but it has left a huge impact on my life. I believe helping people, I believe that god is there. Our little help can rescue someone from entering the biggest problem. I still pray for that family for wellness and success. I strongly believe that ‘This world is a big family and we need to help each other.’ I have very soft corner for children and I always keep an eye on the street children, maybe some of them would have also lost the way of home just like me!!!  

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The Media - A fourth pillar of democracy or a Corporate hub ?

What is the definition of media? This was the first question we were asked during our first lecture in BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) course. At that time, I give the answer that Media is a channel of communication between mass and the system (read it was just the first lecture, and I was not aware with media concept in deep). My department head agreed with my definition. Later we learned that 'Media is a fourth pillar of democracy' and 'Media is important aspect of society, Media is watchdog.' 

I was very happy to learn all these things that media is the only branch which is so much important for the development of any country. As we all know there are many types of media but here I am going to talk about News media. 

During our childhood, we have only one channel that was Doordarshan and when news comes in between our TV show we feel like to shut the TV. Although I really didn't remember the type of news content Doordarshan was showing at earlier but I did compare it with recent Doordarshan with private channel here.

So let's move to the current era, where we have news channels growing like a grass. Every other day one new news channel emerges and this number is just increasing day by day. They have the cut-throat competition to earn TRP and earn a monetary profit. 

I used to watch news very patiently after my tenth and wanted to make a career in Media industry specially in News channel. Slowly news channel starts showing some horror story, search of haunted places and many more..... Viewers who was bored with the traditional type of news were happy to see such kind of interesting or can say fake news. I think the credit of these yellow journalism goes to India TV, founded by Rajat Sharma in the year 2004. 

I still remember one news (not really a news) where, the background voice keep saying.... kya aap in bhootah tasveeron ka rahsya janana chahte hai, agar haan to remote ko hath na lagaye ..... we really didn't touch the remote and waited for 5 good minutes to know the secrets but alas! they proceed the same visuals with some different story line. We feel like we are cheated. But you know this sensationalism of  news succeed India TV and Rajat Sharma. I still find India TV a piece of garbage.

The sad thing is slowly all the other excellent news channel embrace this concept and now news media is just a piece of fun or satire so I've stopped watching the news channel. 

Media now interest to cover that news which can give them highest TRP. Just like Indrani case, really Media has given more than 50% coverage to Indrani Mukhrajea case, Where the murder of Kalburgi was piled up under these waste news. 

Apparently media is under the influence of corporates or political parties and the news reports are 100% biased. I really hate when media show news of ISIS, Really media is the sole reason of popularity of ISIS and it's motive. They should stop showing the news related to them. The recent award return scenario,  murder in Dadri was really a part of sensationalism. We don't need this type of media. 

Media is a tool who have the responsibility to present an unbiased news to the viewer who have the freedom to form an opinion. 

I can understand to run every organization one need a good sum of money and media is one of them. So gradually media is becoming a corporate hub not a fourth pillar of democracy. 

The viewer need to be sensible and rational to judge any news, because media is showing you which you don't need and which fills their pockets. 

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Friday 23 October 2015

Why Always Prostitutes ?

'Prostitutes' what comes in your mind after hearing this word, maybe a girl/woman wearing exaggerating make-up, wardrobe and hairdo standing near the railway bridge in dark waiting for her customer. I think this was the image which flashed in front of your eyes,  right now after reading the word 'Prostitute'. Am I right?

Our democracy proudly provides equal rights to each Indian resident but what is the reason it does not include prostitutes?

The irony is we try to accept intangible things like culture, cult and caste but a not a human being because she is a prostitute, she sells her body for merely some money. While talking to one  NGO person, I got to know that government doesn't provide any help to the prostitutes modernly call as a call girl. Only some NGO's are there who work for them but doesn't get any help from the government.

No girl in this world willingly sells her body. There must be some pain, necessity hidden behind her smiling face. Somehow it is the cost of medicine for her old parents, arranging two-time meal for her brother and sister and she don't have any other option because she is not literate.

But what is the reason of the girls who removes her cloth in front of a screen? only for money and fame. No one dares to oppose them because they are from the reputed, well to do families. Obscenity on the screen is also considered as acting skill. Do we give them respect? Yes! we do, So why we make a face after hearing a word 'Prostitute'?

Adult film star Sunny Leone came to India and now the vulgarity is on the peak but the Bollywood is giving her multiple opportunities with respect and motivating other to respect her. Read an excellent article written by +Pooja Kshirsagar on this issue here. Is she is from a backward family? No, but she willingly strips her cloth, sleep with multiple men for money and fame. Why we treat different with a porn actress and a prostitute?

Farah Khan had directed one movie titled as 'Tees Maar khan' which has one signature dialogue 'Tawayaf ki luti izzat bachana aur tees maar khan ko pakdana dono bekaar hai' . Okay, now who the hell give her right to speak about 'Tawayaf's izzat'? She is a director that doesn't mean she has right to speak about Tawayaf's izzat. On the other side she protect her izzat, during one award show Ashutosh Gavarikar said her 'Shut up' here she became wild because it is all about her 'izzat'.

She doesn't care the respect of prostitutes, but she does care herself, just because she is a director and a personality.

Magazines, calendars containing nude photos of girl remarked as an Art of photography, beauty and boldness. This kind of images also help to boost the sell. So why don't you consider prostitutes a person having this kind of adjectives?

Here both the cases are same, the difference is that prostitutes do this in the small room, behind the curtain while latter does this behind the name of curtains such as glamour, boldness, Art, Acting skill, a necessity in movie and beauty. The second type of  curtain is very clever it hides the so-called 'izzat' but first curtain does not!

The children of the prostitutes also bound to live the poor life like her mother, they are unable to get a proper education because there are many social stigmas attached with the profession.

I want to ask all the top notch Bollywood people can you give one movie to a prostitute? The answer will be a 'BIG NO'. But why, Sunny Leone does the same she earn money in the name of Adult film and her money can be counts in millions, but here prostitutes earn barely some thousand money to just feed her hunger.

We have worn an outfit of modernity but from inside we all suffer from narrow, biased, Hippocratic mind. Why not, we can give them a chance to come out from the dark narrow street, room and breathe in the fresh environment? why?

Just think about it !! 

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Wednesday 7 October 2015

Happy Daughter days !!!

True daughters I came across  

I know I am little late to wish Daughters day, but I am sure there is no need of a specific day to appreciate your daughter! Am I right?

As usual I was travelling from the local train to reach my office. I was with my friend and he got a call from one of lady advocate. He ends up his talk and told me that ‘I appreciate this lady, she is a role model for everyone.’ I asked the reason he said that ‘her age is somewhere around 40 and she is still not married. You know why because of her parents, her parents are bedridden. She thinks if she will get married she will not able to help her parents. She has sacrificed everything in her life just for her parents. We all need to learn from her.’’ I was just spellbound, I didn't utter a single word and sinks in my own thought. Sacrificing your happiness, your married life and enjoyment is not a game. People from the holy heart are able to do this!

Another lady who is a friend of my colleague has the same story. She is now aged above sixty and she is not married because there was no one to take care of her sick mother. I've met that lady, I can see a kind of satisfaction, dedication and completeness in her eyes which we don’t have.

I've only these two examples, but I am sure there are many more daughters who have put their parents first above anything. Some say, only lucky people are blessed by a daughter. I am also a daughter and I always get feeling that if I am doing everything right for my parents or not. I really fear for the day when I have to leave my parents. I fear that if they will be al-right? If they will be happy?

On this era when numbers of old age home are drastically increasing these daughters really makes us proud, teach us, motivate us and remind us our duty towards the persons who are our priority! These daughters are the lesson for those people who think daughters can't do anything and kill them in womb.

I Heartily salute these true daughters!

Do you know any of daughter who put their parents first? Do share with me! 


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Tuesday 6 October 2015

Website Review - Adviceadda.com

Adviceadda.com – a friend in need is a friend indeed! 


Advice, it is one thing which we need to seek on every step. Like they say ‘it’s a free advice, take it’, ‘free advice is harmful’ so Many a time this free advice can spoil you. But what will happen when you get precious and analyzed advice from the expert panel without spending a penny. Astonished! Am I right? Here comes the role of Adviceadda.com where you can get advice on almost every micro and macro problem.

‘Advice is like snow - the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper in sinks into the mind.’ This golden line was weaved by the English Poet, literally critic and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

In my opinion, giving advice is not so easy. You have to evaluate the pros and cons of the condition. So many of us boycott giving advice to anyone. During this era where people do not have time to communicate it seems very hard to get the honest advice from anyone.

Why you need Adviceadda.com?

Humans are one of the complex species on earth. Their emotion, situations, and behavior are unpredictable.  They can be happy for one moment and on the next moment they can be sad. Just like our behavior our life is unpredictable. We have to face many complex things in life where we feel we don’t have any option further or we feel like we are stuck somewhere and there is no chance get over from this. In this virtual world, there are handful people on which we trust! So no chance to share our problem to them.

Let your problem be the small but you are feeling suffocated, helpless and can’t even discuss with your handful friends. This small seed of problem led to a fatal situation of depression. I don't think I need to elaborate what depression is.

To solve unsaid problems of human emotion is the ideology of Adviceadda.com. The founder of this amazing portal, the eminent journalist Vivek Satya Mitram believe in forming a better society.  This website is efficient thought of him to provide you accurate and valuable piece of advice. So that you will not become the slave of your own thought, life, and problems.

Key features of Adviceadda.com:

1)    Covers almost all the area where we need to take advice:

‘Adda’ is a Hindi word which refers a place where a group of people shares their knowledge and advice to each other. Here you will find the same kind of people but that are the expert one who will efficiently solve your problem in no time.  The sections which they deal are Education, career, relationship, men’s health, women’s health, sex, mental, legal issue, money, parenting, property, beauty, gadgets, fitness, Grooming, life skills, Entrepreneurship, lifestyle, automobile, society. Any points left guys!

2)    Expert panel:

The main USP of this website is they have 65 qualified experienced professions from various fields who are ready to answer your query without any delay. The expert panel will provide you full proof remedy without spending a single penny.

3)    Mouthwatering articles:

Apart from expert advice, you can also read many useful articles which are apt for your day to day life. Like beauty hacks, tips of grooming, career option, relationship tips and what not! These articles are written with lots of research so again no fear of wrong advice.

4)    No need to reveal your name:

People feel shy when they have to share a problem, but here you don’t need to reveal your name and can easily get valuable advice.

5)    Social cause and various activities:

Adviceadda.com believes in crafting a better society so they commence various appreciable activities to do best for the people. To get to know about recent activity click here. 

6)    Quick response:

The advice needs to reach you on a very crucial moment and they know this. So here you’ll get a quick response for your problem.

Final verdict:

 Honestly saying there was many of the event occurred in my life where I find myself helpless   and felt like there is no remedy to this situation. I think I am not alone. I try to share it with my friends, they tried to give me the best solution but how many times can I tell them?  They are human too! So I stopped sharing my problem but this will not help me come out from the marsh.

I came to know about this website during this competition and I can proudly conclude that if I came across with any problem I can definitely share with you guys! I need full- proof opinion and there is no other source other than this. This portal is not an ordinary portal but an efficient group of the advisor who believe in building a better life, better human and better society. We all need to share this unique website with our near or dear ones. So that they will not fear to the problem and can easily solve it out.  Kudos to Adviceadda.com! Keep it up guys!

My rating to Adviceadda.com: 5/5 

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Monday 5 October 2015

Much needed discussion

Infertility- is woman sole reason? 

Infertility is the much-discussed topic so today I thought to weave my opinion and perception on this issue.  

Infertility can be simply defined as where a couple fails to conceive baby because of some internal, I mean some biological issue. Generally we called it ‘koi to kami hai’, many a time this ‘Koi kami’ happens to be in a woman only.

When a man woman marries, barely in one or two-year family members start asking them, ‘when you will give us grandchild’. I know people has much emotion attached towards grandchild so they keep asking. But many a time when a couple fails to conceive the whole family start blaming the woman.
I think we all are that much educated that we know a woman is always not a cause of infertility, man can also be the reason may be low or weak sperm count. But unfortunately, the whole responsibility is bang in the name of a woman. She is the reason, of infertility.

II have one friend who is married from the past 5 years. Her marriage was a love marriage. They fail to conceive in spite of numerous check-ups, medicine and what not! So without knowing the feeling of her daughter – in – law the Mother- in –law suggested her son to leave his wife and remarry. She has even forced her by so called promise. Here luckily, my friend’s husband told his mum that he is not going to leave his wife under any circumstances.

Another lady who is married for about 15 years doesn't have a child. Initially, her family tried to blame her for not having kids but later on they got found that the reason is the man, so they kept mum. What an irony! if a woman is a reason she would have shooed away from the house but if the man is reason woman have to advise to do not open her mouth about the ‘Kami’ in her man.

In the ancient era, the king has four to five queen where he would love more to that queen which has a son and least love to those who don’t have a child.  So no wonders! Why this rule is still followed by the people!

There was an elderly couple living in our area and they don’t have child. So once my dad asked to the uncle, ‘’what the reason you didn’t have child?’’  He said, ‘’my wife has some complication in uterus, doctor has advised if you’ll try for child you can lose her and we have to remove the uterus. So I told them I want my wife I don’t want kids.’’ He also said that his mother advised him to leave her and remarry but she chose his wife. This is the beautiful example and I always has best respect for him.

I think we need to educate the older people whose mind is still caged with the traditional practices. There is no shame if you can’t conceive, there could be problem. Yes! We all are not same.  I think the uncle who choose her wife over kids are the best example! If you are suffering from this situation and your in laws are blaming then you can simply tell them that all these things are natural. I am not responsible for this, you need to stand on what is right and what is wrong!

For men, who thinks that low sperm count will question to his masculinity are totally wrong. There are many reason which are responsible for this and it has nothing to do with your macho image.

Many a time woman cut our communication with society because she is always questioned why she is not having kids!  An ideal society is that which accept the weakness of people and motivate them to leave life fullest but India is somehow lacking behind this.

I think we should embrace such people motivate them that your life never ends on this, you have many more amazing things to do. It’s my request to the people out there if you can’t help anyone you don’t have right to pinpoint the pity of someone.  

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Friday 2 October 2015

Rumour or conspiracy ?

Beef ban and Murder? 

You must have read the news of that a 50-year man in Dadri, UP got beaten up by the mob who think his family has consumed cow’s meat, in case if you are not aware from the case you may read it here.

From  the first day of the beef ban, there are many controversies are going on. Either it’s a man caught trafficking beef meat, losing their income at the mutton shop or banning beef on the auspicious days of Jain’s festival ‘Paryushan’.

In my personal opinion, not beef but slaughtering of each animal should be ban. But Yes! I know it could not be possible because there are many people who love eating meat. In fact, this is another topic to discuss!!

The death of 50-year-old man, Ikhlaq is really sad. Without knowing the actual reason mob attacked him and family.  There are many things coming up with this issue. His family claims that villagers use to say them Pakistani and gradually they took the revenge. The priest in temple claims that he was forced to announce that cow was a slaughter.  The cow is sacred for us, yes we worship them! But as we are living in a secular country we should respect each other’s religion. This is a matter of understanding and maturity, not a conflict. One should have a freedom to live as per their respective religion, after all it’s a secular country.

Even if they have consumed the cow’s meat, mob and people do not have any right to punish him. They should have contact to the authorities, the meat should have been checked and after that court decides to punish them or not. But I am sure this event will lead to various disturbance in the country.

Although I can’t judge this unfortunate event, there is a huge smell of POLITICAL conspiracy. The older people living in Dadri tells that ‘’ In this village the bond of Hindu- Muslim was very nice we use to support each other’s religion, each other’s culture. The youth should have developed the ability to see what is wrong and what is right? ‘’

Why are we human becoming so insensitive? Beating a 50-year-old man till death is a humanity? He was not eating cow's meat so, can you make him return? The people have murdered a man who was a father, son and husband.

 If you are the one who can do justice then what is the use of the law? This is a wake up to all of us! Open up your eyes, open up senses and most important open up your humanity! We are not a god to judge people. Just live and let live other!

Thursday 1 October 2015

Beggary- A profession or compulsion ?

Beggar, are they really? 

What do you feel when you see any beggar on the road, railway station or near the temple gate? You may feel like, how poor they are! Why is almighty god doing this to them? And you give some 1 or 2 rupees chillar and you move on to your work. But my point to write this article is are they really beggar or they are fooling us by showing their injured, dressed hand and feet?

I started work in somewhere in December 2013. And these two years one thing I neatly observed that beggars are not REALLY beggar!

Every day I have to struggle to reach the station, which is good 25 minutes away from home. In the midway, there is a tunnel (land owned by railway authorities for loco shed) and a temple of god Shani. I see approximately 10 beggars during my journey to the station. First four is near the temple and other 6 at the railway occupied land.

for representational purpose only

When I started working, I felt very bad for them, especially a lady, aged  45 to 50 year who has wound on hand and foot. I use to give her some chillar every day. This happens almost for three months. So one day I thought! Why her hand and feet has always wound, I thought three months span is good to heal wound, but why her wound never heals? When I look closer to her bandage wrap hand and feet then, I realize she is fit and she use to wrap dirty, bloody bandage to just astray the people. At that time, I was feeling like to slap her hard but I can’t. The funny thing is she still sit there to beg and she still has the same wound. I don’t think god has ever made such kind of wound which need 2.50 years to heal.

Another old woman and man use to beg there, both of them has no fingers on feet. So they literally keep their feet like you can see the wound. Okay! I give them money sometimes just because they are old and not because they are showing their wound.

From the last 2.50 years, the things which I've noted is that they all are a group and they use to sit as per their shift. In the one month, the woman does not beg for 15 days on this place (must be some other place).

for representational purpose only

One more incident occurred with me in the local train. The girl, perhaps 17 to 18-year-old was holding a newborn baby. I mean literally a ‘newborn baby’ having pink, layering skin. In my opinion, the baby seems to be born 4 to 5 hours ago. She was holding the baby in the dirty cloth and accompanied a little boy aged 5 years. She was begging, and the small innocent boy was also begging. The boy was looking like he has not slept from the last few days and he was falling on the seat due to sleep. So when the girl saw her sleeping she came and gave a tight slap to his chubby cheeks and like a robot the boy start begging again. I told her why you slapped him? But she simply ignore me and get off from the train.

In my opinion, the little boy may have been tortured. I feel my tears rolled down! Why people do this? Why they get doing all these things? Just money!

for representational purpose only

I've read somewhere that many of the beggars earns more than us! They also own flats and car. We all know there are many gangs who abduct child just to make them beg. They amputate their body part to make them look like handicapped and so that we can be pleased to give them money. They use newborn child on the daily rent merely 10 or 20 rupees!

I know there are many needy people who are waiting for our help, but we need to develop the ability who is actual and who is fake? And please never give money to a child NEVER!!! Instead, you can feed them. We all know this kind of illegal work will never be happen without the consent of police and authorities! I think we all need to change this and these will not going to happen with one person. We all have to refuse giving alms to the beggars. So gradually, this begging empire will collapse.

What would you say? 

Tuesday 29 September 2015

No chamchagiri on our walls Please !!

Banners – City’s beauty ruiner 

Ganeshotsava has gone off! The celebration of 10 days was just beautiful. Many of the pandals are now getting off. I worked in Lalbaug area, which is ideally known for Lalbaugcha Raja. When you come out from the station, the first thing you will notice is the banner, the second thing you will notice is the banner and third thing you will notice is banner! Yes, you can see the BUNCH of banner of every small and big corporate, political party, personnel wishing you ‘Ganesh Chaturthi ki Shubkamnaye’.

Many of the places you can see approximately 20 banners putting in one line having the same ‘Shubkamna’. Oh gosh! Literally, Ganeshotsava is your political agenda to gather voters or you really want to wish people?  I really never understood this.

I think around one year ago, Mumbai Mirror has started one  campaign to stop all these illegal banner which was named as ‘No chamchagiri on our walls Please!!’ where they have published many of the photos where the illegal banner was placed.

There are many of the rules and regulation apt for the banner, but like other law it is also breaking.

It is not my duty to categorize which is a legal or illegal banner? But my point to say is why you need to put a banner for every micro and small things? If there is a birthday coming on of any dada or Bhai (we know who they are) each and every person come with a different banner. Sometimes it is so huge and consist photos of almost every person of that area. Why you can’t simply send a bouquet and card instead of doing chamchagiri on a public area?

Let’s talk about festival wishes. It’s good practice to wish people. But what people actually do is … Let’s take an example, Next festival is Navratri and in the next few days you will encounter huge banners wishing you ‘Navratri ki Shubkamnaye’. You will see only one line wishing you Navratri, and remaining space will be occupied with the huge photos of the well-wisher (many a time bigger than the Goddess Durga) and his/her political party. What an irony!  If you are wishing to people, you can simply put one line message and your name in small. But here things are opposite.

I know, technology has reduced the making charge of banners, but that doesn’t mean you should put it in every nook and hook of the city. The most awkward thing I found in banners is, the gold! People wearing gold more than Bappi Lahiri, Yes we know you have enough gold to fill a tijori but that doesn’t mean you need to show us. Another thing is White cloth! Yes we know you are a white collared person but please stop putting your large white cloth photo on a banner, literally I am just bucked up.

We Indians have Holi, Diwali, dusshera, eid, pongal and many other festivals. Let’s take 50 festival, and every corporate or political parties make one banner for each festival. 50*1= 50, fifty banners from one political party and we have numerous political leaders and parties. So now you can imagine how many banner we are surrounded by!!

In spite of wasting public money on this useless banner, you can utilize this money for making or repairing roads. We need open space, not the air choked by your useless banner. We don’t need your Political wishes, we have many of the friends and family who wish us, and this is enough!!! 

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Why there is shame communicating in your native language/mother tongue?

How many of you know that 14 September is marked as ‘Hindi Divas’? Maybe you must have remembered this during school days because on that day you have to prepare speeches in Hindi. As now school are over then there is no reason to remember this day because you must have forgotten to speak Hindi in corporate offices.  Many of you will say why you are writing an article on mother tongue in English cause I know if I will write in Hindi then many of you will not understand the single word.

‘Please reply if you are fluent in English.’  ‘We want someone who is fluent in speaking as well as in written English.’ these two lines are irony for me! Yes being a Vernacular medium, I have to face much discrimination during the interview. One of the HR even told me that if you are from Hindi medium how you can be confident enough to write an error free English article? One said hmmm… you are from Hindi medium, we can’t hire you I am sorry as it is against our company policy. There is lots of another event which are enough to suck my confidant and my honest proud to stand first in my department. Not only job I've suffered from this discrimination in my first year of college too.

I know English is required and I must put enough strength to learn English but when I've learnt A, B, C, D in sixth standard then how can I able to compete convent, graduates?

I am not getting gaga over my situation and failure in life but many a time I feel disappointed that I do not consider as eligible because I cannot talk fluent English.

Another point to write this article is the slow death of Hindi and other native languages. Today most of the children are learning in English medium and Hindi is the second language for them. They can’t understand minor words in Hindi. They feel shame if their parents can’t talk in English. Yesterday my colleague was filling some government form where she can’t even able to understand the meaning of  'उत्पन्न' it means 'income' for those who don’t know what  'उत्पन्न is.  I know English is a must but my question is if we India are the origin of language and we have thousands of efficient language then why we are becoming a slave of a foreign language. Many of you will say that English is helping us to stand globally. Yes! I do agree but you can do this with your own language too. Japan educates to their students in Japanese language and is they are the third world country or globally recognized country?

I've heard most of the parents talking happily that my child do not understand Hindi and we don’t want to make them learn? If someone talks in their native language in train or bus people start to make a face. I've once asked to a one of my friend who was ultra-modern that do you know Bhojpuri she proudly said ‘NO! Who the hell will learn Bhojpuri, yuck? ’ I still remember her face.

This is the situation of the country where the youngsters are cutting off the roots of the prominent culture of the world and their mother tongue in the blind name of modernity. We've one professor in college who once sued a girl who said that she can’t speak her native language. What she said was one of best lesson in my life ‘It’s okay if you don’t know English, but it’s really shameful that you can’t speak your own mother tongue.’

By writing this article, I don’t have any intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments but I just want to convey to India that if you will respect your motherland and mother tongue then you can create a developed nation in real sense. 

Who gave you right to abandon a little life ?

On every next day, we must read news of ‘Newborn baby is dumped/abandon on the stairs of temple’ or most extreme ‘body of a newborn baby found in Nullah/gutter’.  All these news really make me sick. I personally can never hurt an animal or a child. This is the two recent news which makes me write this article, kindly go through with the links.

In first news she dumped her premature baby in drain and claims, a baby was stillborn. She already repeated this brutal act in before. In the second news, a baby girl was dumped in the cemetery. These two are the recent case, and I am sure this would not be enough case. There are many newborns are abandon by their parents, but they are somehow not reported by media.

So my point to write this article is why human are so insensitive. Most of the babies are abandon because the couples are unmarried and they want to hide it from the so called society. My aunt told me one incident of her village where someone has dumped the little baby girl in a forest, assuring that some wild animal will going to eat her and they will get rid of this unwanted entity. The little angel was lucky to get noticed by villagers and later a couple from village legally adopted her and now she is living her life fully.

Okay, let’s talk clear! You start loving each other, get physical in spite knowing that this action will lead unwanted pregnancy, but you both enjoyed the moment without scaring the hell society.  The girl got pregnant, but you didn't take any prior action and when she gave birth you start making a plan to get rid of a baby. You have two option either to kill or to dump the little life to that place where he/she will naturally die because of hunger. Why? Because you want to show the society that you did nothing wrong and can live your life normally.

Do you know, when a baby grows in his/her mother’s womb he/she already start to feel the things. There is no other biggest sin then leaving a little precious life to get die because of cold, hunger. I think Animals are better than us, they care most for their children and we call as wisest species on earth do this kind of inhumanity?

If you are mature enough to love each other, then why you lack your knowledge to get any protection during the act. What I feel most devasting is how a girl/woman/lady gives permission to kill her own baby whom she has nurtured in her womb for about 9 months.  But this kind of insensitive people are just like evil they don’t have emotion, just go and ask to a couple who don’t have a child? They go to every temple, church, mosque every doctor, priest to just get one baby who can fulfil their life.  

Just one request If you have the power to give birth one life then you don’t have rights to take life of a little life…… mind it there is no other biggest sin than this !!!!! 

Life is the blessing of god please don't grab it from the newborns..., please !!!! They are the precious gift from god !!!!! Please take care of them !!!!

Monday 14 September 2015

A Humble Request to SAVE WATER !!!!

Dear All,

As you know many of the fertilize areas of Maharashtra is becoming the victim of serious drought consecutively. Rains are also lacking, many of the areas do not have enough water to even drink. If you have 24 running water, then you will not realize the seriousness of this condition. We are not a god and not has any power to change the situation. So why not give your little contribute to saving water!    Please please follow some of the following measures to save water:

1) Stick a small label saying 'Save water' on every tap of your house, so that everyone will have to close the unnecessary opened the tap.

2) Don't bath from shower instead use bucket which can save lots of water.

3) Use a small glass to drink water so that you don't have to throw remaining water.

4) If water is 'Jhuta' then accumulate it in a separate vessel you can use this water in the wash room.

5) Repair all the leaking taps of your house.

6) Teach your children how water saving is importance for us?

7) Carry a water bottle with you and fill it when you end up the whole water. If you want to throw remaining water then put it in the roots of some trees.

8) You should definitely nag people who waste water.

9) Use vegetable washed water to water your home plant.

10) Don't keep the tap open unnecessarily.

11) Last but the least, Put a small vessel fill with water for little birds residing our locality.

Please if you are going to throw water, then imagine the situation of people who go miles to fetch just one vessel of water. If god has not punished you in that way, then it is our duty to save water and teach our children too.

Once again just imagine their situation and Save Water !!!

So this is my humble request to every citizen of India to SAVE WATER !!!

Hope you will do this.

Thanks  a lot :) 

Wednesday 2 September 2015

The story of Lust, jealousy and Money...

Sheena Bora Murder case

Sheena Bora, a 23-year-old girl who was abducted by her own mother then killed. This case shook the whole country. The prime accused is consider as Indrani Mukhreja who is a wife of Media Honcho Peter Mukhreja. Indrani is belong to Assam and moved to Mumbai, then married to Peter. She has two children before her marriage i.e. Sheena and Mikhail. Which she introduced everyone as her sister and brother! Later, Sheena fall in love with Peter's biological son (from the first wife) Rahul and here the property dispute comes and Indrani murdered Sheena. You must be confused, you have to look at a chart. No one can be confirmed as accused until the decision of the honorable court. 

This murder case is the example, how one can lose his self-respect, to just earn money? The character of Indrani left me astonish. How she able to manage numerous affairs and then married to a person who 20 years older than her? Just for money, yes just for money. 

Her character reminds me Priyanka Chopra's character in 'Aitraaz' movie, where her main motto was life to be successful in regards of money. She wanted to be on top. Like here Indrani had many affairs to be successful and has such a hidden killer identity. She managed to make the fake certificate, she manage to prove everyone that they are her siblings, not a child. It's been 3 years Sheena was murdered and she manage to hide it from everyone. How? I was just amazed. A woman who recognized as a goddess of love... Here Indrani proves it wrong... 

I don't  know what will be the decision of the court. But this murder really showed how much one human can fall to just achieve lifeless money?  

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Why I am against of reservation ?

The Burning issue - Reservation 

Gujarat is burning, the whole country is burning from the demand of reservation and who is the mastermind of all these non- sense is 21-year-old, Hardik Patel. Maybe younger than me and he is shaking whole the country with his outrageous speech. My friend has written very good article on this issue 

So, today I am writing this article to present the fact why I am against the reservation?  Reservation can be simply defined, ‘the act to reserve something’. After the independence, reservation played a vital role to uplift the weaker section of society and eradicate untouchability and other stupid practice existed in India. Where certain percent of seats were secure for weaker section of the society. They need a chance to grow up and reservation helped them to come up and grow. I totally agree with this and can say that ‘quota system’ was the need of that time.

Now, take a span of 69 years and what you can see! A group of people … Oh sorry! A group of richer people is demanding reservation. They are burning the whole Gujarat to get seats in government occupied jobs. Are they are poor? No, they are the richest community of India. Are they don’t have jobs? What jobs, they have their own settled business. So why they are demanding reservation? Think about it! All these events are just political agenda nothing else.

Just move why I am against of reservation?

1)     Are you weak? I am asking this to you yes! Are you weak, are you not able to make your own identity and want to get a chance because ‘meharbani’ of reservation.

2)     Are you eligible? Maybe yes or not, but you can get jobs because of quota.

I asked this question, to shake your mind. The reservation system has now become an easy process of getting jobs and money. No need to give effort just march in a rally and kneel down the government to give you quota. Life will be easy. It was started to uplift the weaker section… but now everyone is equal. Do you know many of the eligible students have to drop their education because they don’t have a single penny to pay as fees. On the other side, ineligible, richer reserved students get scholarship to complete education. There both hands are in the golden pot.

I DON’T NEED RESERVATION TO SHOW WHAT I CAN DO? But I think many of the people do not have faith in his own effort so they BEG for reservation. If two horse is in the race, the first one is eligible and another one is lazy. Then what can you do… just tie first horse legs with reservation and the other horse will be the winner.

I want to see better India, Not for me but for the future generation. I cannot see any eligible person have to drop the dreams like I did! I was eligible, but reservation ruined my dreams. Just ERADICATE THIS SHITTY SYSTEM OF RESERVATION!!! And let everyone make their own way. 

Saturday 7 March 2015

Another women day is coming.....

Tribute to women’s day

There was a girl, who was living her life fully, Has a loving partner, supporting parents … Has a dream like the other Indian girl…… AND suddenly everything ends….!! Everything …she lost everything… her life… her love ones… her dream…!!! And who are responsible for this a group of six pervert men …. They were given so much pain and trauma to an innocent girl …. We always say ‘’at least my dead should be painless’’… but can she got this? Nope …. She got unmeasured physical and mental pain which we can’t even imagine. Recently filmmaker Leslee Udwin has interviewed one of the culprits among six.... And what He said, “YE TO SAB KARTE HAI … TO HUME FANSI KI SAJA Q?” (Everyone does this entire thing… So why should we are only going to hang) He said it very normally that whatever he did was innocence and It was his right to rape a girl.

Today I was just getting ready to the office, combing my hair…. and my dad was sitting with today’s fresh cheap Hindi newspaper (As most of the Indian thinks Hindi newspaper are) … He pointed one of the news printed on a front page that people beaten, hanged one rape victim… At Naka ( the main point of any road)…. I was in a hurry and just read heading of that news…. And said,  “It’s somehow good, but I’ll not going to support this act because there is no one beyond the law. If we are going to execute culprits in such a manner then what is a difference between a Taliban Militants and us.” And my surprise my dad interrupted me saying that “Rape karne walo ke sath aisa hi hona chahiye tabhi ye log ko samjh me ayega… Kanoon se chalengena to 10 sal bit jayegafaisla hone me.” (All the rape victim should be treated like this and then they will going to stop this act… If we go with the law then it will take around 10 years to get justice. )  I can see the anger on his face… Before this, he never shared this kind of news with me due to Father-daughter relation but today he insists me to look at this news.  I was simply …astonished thinking If my dad has this kind of reaction… then think what happens with the father of that girls who was suffered from rape... Acid…? Now I can imagine… Damn … I can imagine… Those bunch of men mashed a little angel of her dearest father…

My father always supported me … either my decision of education and cloth wearing. He never interrupted me. During my childhood, He was very orthodox and as I grown he changed his perception and flow with the modern time. There was another incident occurred with me.  Around a month ago I was coming from a market with hands full of the bag of vegetable.There was one tapri (shop of betel, tobacco) recently opened in my area.  I was just going to my way and suddenly a car came near to me (the car was one of the richest people of my area) and in front of me a bhai-type person of my area was standing. The car on my left side and the bhai-type person on the front side and no way to go on right side having a hand full of vegetable bags. I got disturbed and said “Oh! Shit” and tried to go back from the car then the bhai type banda starts making fun of me. I shouted at him and he get so aggressive because I scold him in front of many people. He was about to slap me, but I just went to my home thinking not to make matter so big. At night, I told my papa about this unexpected event He said, “You had the mobile? Why didn’t you call the police? If he again says you anything then just go to police station and lodge a complaint. No need to be afraid to all these bhai.” I was not expecting this from my father, I thought he’ll going to say that No need to go alone in a market but what he said was just beyond my expectation.

From these two incidents, I really gained the courage to share this kind of situation with my father. Because my father shown his belief in me. If every daughter gets this kind of encouragement from their parents then why a girl will never share eve-teasing and other unexpected events with her father.

To the conclusion, I just want to appeal to all the father of their beautiful daughter come and make your girl more comfortable talking to you… do not tell them that they are responsible for all this events… tell them that you are always with her  … and no need to be afraid of such people.  Then at least daughters can share this kind of unusual event from his father and both can make out right decision before the things become worse.

This is my tribute to women’s day…. Dedicating to all the parents especially daddy’s of the beautiful angel.  

Sunday 18 January 2015

Never out of fashion – LBD

 Lustrous LBD 

LBD, An evening or cocktail dress which refers ‘ Little Black Dress’ cut simply and often quite short. The LBDs are originated by Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. The main idea behind LBD is to create a kind of apparel which is long lasting, versatile, affordable and accessible to widest market.  ‘Black’ is a color which can add sorrow, joy and bold look in your style.

Since 1920 LBD has gone through with various style alterations but the main essence is still remain same. All the women find there wardrobe incomplete without LBD. If you are confused that what should I need to wear at dinner? And you are not getting any dress then LBD can become your instant favorite. This is only dress you can wear on almost every occasion.

LBDs can’t go out of fashion they are simply evergreen. Just get frilled, off shoulder, halter neck LBDs whatever you liked. (You can find numerous design and pattern in market).  Every top celebrity has experiment their look with LBDs. 

 The best thing is that you do not have to spend time to search accessories which needs to be wear with LBDs. All the most you are just need to club some studs and pretty footwear.  You can also
turn up your designer mind and beautify your look as much as you want. So at last I want to say that

''Styling yourself is an art either with cloths or accessories. Apparel represents your perception towards life. You just need to wear that cloth in which you feel confidant.''

 So ladies Where’s the party tonight? 

Wanna say Anything !!


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