Saturday 7 March 2015

Another women day is coming.....

Tribute to women’s day

There was a girl, who was living her life fully, Has a loving partner, supporting parents … Has a dream like the other Indian girl…… AND suddenly everything ends….!! Everything …she lost everything… her life… her love ones… her dream…!!! And who are responsible for this a group of six pervert men …. They were given so much pain and trauma to an innocent girl …. We always say ‘’at least my dead should be painless’’… but can she got this? Nope …. She got unmeasured physical and mental pain which we can’t even imagine. Recently filmmaker Leslee Udwin has interviewed one of the culprits among six.... And what He said, “YE TO SAB KARTE HAI … TO HUME FANSI KI SAJA Q?” (Everyone does this entire thing… So why should we are only going to hang) He said it very normally that whatever he did was innocence and It was his right to rape a girl.

Today I was just getting ready to the office, combing my hair…. and my dad was sitting with today’s fresh cheap Hindi newspaper (As most of the Indian thinks Hindi newspaper are) … He pointed one of the news printed on a front page that people beaten, hanged one rape victim… At Naka ( the main point of any road)…. I was in a hurry and just read heading of that news…. And said,  “It’s somehow good, but I’ll not going to support this act because there is no one beyond the law. If we are going to execute culprits in such a manner then what is a difference between a Taliban Militants and us.” And my surprise my dad interrupted me saying that “Rape karne walo ke sath aisa hi hona chahiye tabhi ye log ko samjh me ayega… Kanoon se chalengena to 10 sal bit jayegafaisla hone me.” (All the rape victim should be treated like this and then they will going to stop this act… If we go with the law then it will take around 10 years to get justice. )  I can see the anger on his face… Before this, he never shared this kind of news with me due to Father-daughter relation but today he insists me to look at this news.  I was simply …astonished thinking If my dad has this kind of reaction… then think what happens with the father of that girls who was suffered from rape... Acid…? Now I can imagine… Damn … I can imagine… Those bunch of men mashed a little angel of her dearest father…

My father always supported me … either my decision of education and cloth wearing. He never interrupted me. During my childhood, He was very orthodox and as I grown he changed his perception and flow with the modern time. There was another incident occurred with me.  Around a month ago I was coming from a market with hands full of the bag of vegetable.There was one tapri (shop of betel, tobacco) recently opened in my area.  I was just going to my way and suddenly a car came near to me (the car was one of the richest people of my area) and in front of me a bhai-type person of my area was standing. The car on my left side and the bhai-type person on the front side and no way to go on right side having a hand full of vegetable bags. I got disturbed and said “Oh! Shit” and tried to go back from the car then the bhai type banda starts making fun of me. I shouted at him and he get so aggressive because I scold him in front of many people. He was about to slap me, but I just went to my home thinking not to make matter so big. At night, I told my papa about this unexpected event He said, “You had the mobile? Why didn’t you call the police? If he again says you anything then just go to police station and lodge a complaint. No need to be afraid to all these bhai.” I was not expecting this from my father, I thought he’ll going to say that No need to go alone in a market but what he said was just beyond my expectation.

From these two incidents, I really gained the courage to share this kind of situation with my father. Because my father shown his belief in me. If every daughter gets this kind of encouragement from their parents then why a girl will never share eve-teasing and other unexpected events with her father.

To the conclusion, I just want to appeal to all the father of their beautiful daughter come and make your girl more comfortable talking to you… do not tell them that they are responsible for all this events… tell them that you are always with her  … and no need to be afraid of such people.  Then at least daughters can share this kind of unusual event from his father and both can make out right decision before the things become worse.

This is my tribute to women’s day…. Dedicating to all the parents especially daddy’s of the beautiful angel.  

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