Sunday 24 August 2014

Oppose the terrorism....

Territory of terrorism 

The execution of James folly in Iraq by the ISIS terrorist group put up the light that they want to make free Dr. Aafia Siddiqui aka Lady Kayada who is in the US prison for having the plan to attack the country. No doubt the execution is really brutal and is the fresh example of inhumanity by the terrorist group.

While searching on the net more I have find this blog written by Pakistani writer named as Noman ansari. Who have mentioned that Pakistan is supporting to the terrorist Dr. Aafia and always oppose Malala. The blog itself has covered many points neatly. Here is the link.

The entire terrorist group either its Al-Kayada, Taliban, ISIS all the organization has only one motto TO SPREAD THE CRIME worldwide.  As an amateur observer of terrorism I see many loopholes in the ideology of this terror group.
What this terrorist is really want? To make the universe a fighting zone or destroying the humanity! I always wonder what their mind is up to. To just fight in the sacred name of ‘Islam’ not sure! I don’t think any religion teaches people to fight and show inhumanity.  

One of the cruelest name is the Taliban. They torture people just because of their silly thoughts. Their thinking pattern is really disaster to the entire human on this earth. They execute men, women just because of silly mistakes. In 1996 they executed Jarmeena by shooting bullets in her head. Pathetic! They are not god or not someone who have right to choose the correct or incorrect.

If you surf on the net you’ll find the previous picture of Iraq. Which is just opposite to what is Iraq now. They were funded by some strongest people around the world. They smuggled all the banned drugs. They simply brainwashed the people in the name of the Jihad and rapidly increased the army of monsters.

I don’t know whom should I  blame? The society, religion or poverty.
I want to give one example. I have talked one Pakistani girl on the facebook. What she said about the India has shocked me. She has commented on the photo of Gandhiji (Which was posted by me) that you hate Gandhi because he loves us. You Indians never want Pakistan to come up, you are just muslim haters.’ I was stunned what to say? I simply told ‘who told you all this things? We respect our nation’s father and we never feel jealous about your development. Either you agree or not once Pakistan was the part of India. We have emotionally soft corner for Pakistan. We are not Muslim haters we have more Muslims in our country than you have.’

She was not ready to listen me. She was continued with the same tone that you hate Gandhi because he loved us.  One funny thing is that she has spelled  Gandhi wrongly and was talking me about the tactics of Gandhi.

I left the point there. I am sure enough to say this; Pakistan sows the seed of hatred towards India in every child. We never taught to our children that Pakistan is our enemy. We always taught them if Pakistan become good friend with India then things will be automatically changed.  Pakistan is the origin of terror. They sheltered Osama what should I need to explain. They attacked Mumbai and took lives of thousands of innocent people.

I am not blaming Pakistan but I am blaming their ideology towards India. Every other day we hear news of Pakistani terror. 

Why they not think that Pakistan is the part of India. They are attacking the mother who has given the shelter to hide the face.

At last, by writing this blog I just want to appeal the entire world to make the earth a place to live not to make a war zone. Nobody has the right to take other human’s life. If you spread terror then you’ll only find the wound.

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