Tuesday 6 October 2015

Website Review - Adviceadda.com

Adviceadda.com – a friend in need is a friend indeed! 


Advice, it is one thing which we need to seek on every step. Like they say ‘it’s a free advice, take it’, ‘free advice is harmful’ so Many a time this free advice can spoil you. But what will happen when you get precious and analyzed advice from the expert panel without spending a penny. Astonished! Am I right? Here comes the role of Adviceadda.com where you can get advice on almost every micro and macro problem.

‘Advice is like snow - the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper in sinks into the mind.’ This golden line was weaved by the English Poet, literally critic and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

In my opinion, giving advice is not so easy. You have to evaluate the pros and cons of the condition. So many of us boycott giving advice to anyone. During this era where people do not have time to communicate it seems very hard to get the honest advice from anyone.

Why you need Adviceadda.com?

Humans are one of the complex species on earth. Their emotion, situations, and behavior are unpredictable.  They can be happy for one moment and on the next moment they can be sad. Just like our behavior our life is unpredictable. We have to face many complex things in life where we feel we don’t have any option further or we feel like we are stuck somewhere and there is no chance get over from this. In this virtual world, there are handful people on which we trust! So no chance to share our problem to them.

Let your problem be the small but you are feeling suffocated, helpless and can’t even discuss with your handful friends. This small seed of problem led to a fatal situation of depression. I don't think I need to elaborate what depression is.

To solve unsaid problems of human emotion is the ideology of Adviceadda.com. The founder of this amazing portal, the eminent journalist Vivek Satya Mitram believe in forming a better society.  This website is efficient thought of him to provide you accurate and valuable piece of advice. So that you will not become the slave of your own thought, life, and problems.

Key features of Adviceadda.com:

1)    Covers almost all the area where we need to take advice:

‘Adda’ is a Hindi word which refers a place where a group of people shares their knowledge and advice to each other. Here you will find the same kind of people but that are the expert one who will efficiently solve your problem in no time.  The sections which they deal are Education, career, relationship, men’s health, women’s health, sex, mental, legal issue, money, parenting, property, beauty, gadgets, fitness, Grooming, life skills, Entrepreneurship, lifestyle, automobile, society. Any points left guys!

2)    Expert panel:

The main USP of this website is they have 65 qualified experienced professions from various fields who are ready to answer your query without any delay. The expert panel will provide you full proof remedy without spending a single penny.

3)    Mouthwatering articles:

Apart from expert advice, you can also read many useful articles which are apt for your day to day life. Like beauty hacks, tips of grooming, career option, relationship tips and what not! These articles are written with lots of research so again no fear of wrong advice.

4)    No need to reveal your name:

People feel shy when they have to share a problem, but here you don’t need to reveal your name and can easily get valuable advice.

5)    Social cause and various activities:

Adviceadda.com believes in crafting a better society so they commence various appreciable activities to do best for the people. To get to know about recent activity click here. 

6)    Quick response:

The advice needs to reach you on a very crucial moment and they know this. So here you’ll get a quick response for your problem.

Final verdict:

 Honestly saying there was many of the event occurred in my life where I find myself helpless   and felt like there is no remedy to this situation. I think I am not alone. I try to share it with my friends, they tried to give me the best solution but how many times can I tell them?  They are human too! So I stopped sharing my problem but this will not help me come out from the marsh.

I came to know about this website during this competition and I can proudly conclude that if I came across with any problem I can definitely share with you guys! I need full- proof opinion and there is no other source other than this. This portal is not an ordinary portal but an efficient group of the advisor who believe in building a better life, better human and better society. We all need to share this unique website with our near or dear ones. So that they will not fear to the problem and can easily solve it out.  Kudos to Adviceadda.com! Keep it up guys!

My rating to Adviceadda.com: 5/5 

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