Friday 2 October 2015

Rumour or conspiracy ?

Beef ban and Murder? 

You must have read the news of that a 50-year man in Dadri, UP got beaten up by the mob who think his family has consumed cow’s meat, in case if you are not aware from the case you may read it here.

From  the first day of the beef ban, there are many controversies are going on. Either it’s a man caught trafficking beef meat, losing their income at the mutton shop or banning beef on the auspicious days of Jain’s festival ‘Paryushan’.

In my personal opinion, not beef but slaughtering of each animal should be ban. But Yes! I know it could not be possible because there are many people who love eating meat. In fact, this is another topic to discuss!!

The death of 50-year-old man, Ikhlaq is really sad. Without knowing the actual reason mob attacked him and family.  There are many things coming up with this issue. His family claims that villagers use to say them Pakistani and gradually they took the revenge. The priest in temple claims that he was forced to announce that cow was a slaughter.  The cow is sacred for us, yes we worship them! But as we are living in a secular country we should respect each other’s religion. This is a matter of understanding and maturity, not a conflict. One should have a freedom to live as per their respective religion, after all it’s a secular country.

Even if they have consumed the cow’s meat, mob and people do not have any right to punish him. They should have contact to the authorities, the meat should have been checked and after that court decides to punish them or not. But I am sure this event will lead to various disturbance in the country.

Although I can’t judge this unfortunate event, there is a huge smell of POLITICAL conspiracy. The older people living in Dadri tells that ‘’ In this village the bond of Hindu- Muslim was very nice we use to support each other’s religion, each other’s culture. The youth should have developed the ability to see what is wrong and what is right? ‘’

Why are we human becoming so insensitive? Beating a 50-year-old man till death is a humanity? He was not eating cow's meat so, can you make him return? The people have murdered a man who was a father, son and husband.

 If you are the one who can do justice then what is the use of the law? This is a wake up to all of us! Open up your eyes, open up senses and most important open up your humanity! We are not a god to judge people. Just live and let live other!


  1. I, too, thought this incident was instigated. It breaks my heart to see such intolerance and hatred. In the 21st century people are increasingly getting intolerant all over the world and I do think it's political and religious leaders who are deliberately creating such divisive forces. Oh, how I wish that ordinary citizens would refuse to pay heed to such forces.

    1. Yes, it is !!! From the first day of beef ban till this date every other day we listen such useless things. People are now more literate, in spite of that they are unable to draw a line what is wrong and what it right? all these things are just pre-planned getting more votes and disturbing the country nothing else!!! I can surely say people was less literate back then 90's when Babri Masjid was massacres taken place and their feeling can easily get provoked but after so many year, literate people are doing such kind of non- sense is really heart broking. :(


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