Tuesday 29 September 2015

No chamchagiri on our walls Please !!

Banners – City’s beauty ruiner 

Ganeshotsava has gone off! The celebration of 10 days was just beautiful. Many of the pandals are now getting off. I worked in Lalbaug area, which is ideally known for Lalbaugcha Raja. When you come out from the station, the first thing you will notice is the banner, the second thing you will notice is the banner and third thing you will notice is banner! Yes, you can see the BUNCH of banner of every small and big corporate, political party, personnel wishing you ‘Ganesh Chaturthi ki Shubkamnaye’.

Many of the places you can see approximately 20 banners putting in one line having the same ‘Shubkamna’. Oh gosh! Literally, Ganeshotsava is your political agenda to gather voters or you really want to wish people?  I really never understood this.

I think around one year ago, Mumbai Mirror has started one  campaign to stop all these illegal banner which was named as ‘No chamchagiri on our walls Please!!’ where they have published many of the photos where the illegal banner was placed.

There are many of the rules and regulation apt for the banner, but like other law it is also breaking.

It is not my duty to categorize which is a legal or illegal banner? But my point to say is why you need to put a banner for every micro and small things? If there is a birthday coming on of any dada or Bhai (we know who they are) each and every person come with a different banner. Sometimes it is so huge and consist photos of almost every person of that area. Why you can’t simply send a bouquet and card instead of doing chamchagiri on a public area?

Let’s talk about festival wishes. It’s good practice to wish people. But what people actually do is … Let’s take an example, Next festival is Navratri and in the next few days you will encounter huge banners wishing you ‘Navratri ki Shubkamnaye’. You will see only one line wishing you Navratri, and remaining space will be occupied with the huge photos of the well-wisher (many a time bigger than the Goddess Durga) and his/her political party. What an irony!  If you are wishing to people, you can simply put one line message and your name in small. But here things are opposite.

I know, technology has reduced the making charge of banners, but that doesn’t mean you should put it in every nook and hook of the city. The most awkward thing I found in banners is, the gold! People wearing gold more than Bappi Lahiri, Yes we know you have enough gold to fill a tijori but that doesn’t mean you need to show us. Another thing is White cloth! Yes we know you are a white collared person but please stop putting your large white cloth photo on a banner, literally I am just bucked up.

We Indians have Holi, Diwali, dusshera, eid, pongal and many other festivals. Let’s take 50 festival, and every corporate or political parties make one banner for each festival. 50*1= 50, fifty banners from one political party and we have numerous political leaders and parties. So now you can imagine how many banner we are surrounded by!!

In spite of wasting public money on this useless banner, you can utilize this money for making or repairing roads. We need open space, not the air choked by your useless banner. We don’t need your Political wishes, we have many of the friends and family who wish us, and this is enough!!! 

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