Thursday 17 January 2013

Media is becoming slave....

What makes to one boldest journalist to leave its country?

When the Sunday Leader’s editor Lasantha Wickramatunga was gunned down in 2009, he saw it coming. We know that because he wrote an editorial on his own death, published posthumously in his paper, in which he blamed his killing on the government of Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka's president. Frederica Jansz was the editor of Sunday leader. She was sacked from her job for reporting a number of reports exposing Seneviratne's property developments and investment deals. After threaten she has to leave own country with his two sons. Aljajeera has interviewed her where she exposed the condition of Srilankan media. Frederica Jansz was threatened by the defense secretary of Srilanka where she published the transcript version of her talk.
Where He said to her “sue [her] fucking newspaper” if she wrote “any bloody word about this”.  He also barked that he was “not afraid of the bloody courts”.
In a second telephone conversation, Mr Rajapaksa elaborated. He called Mrs Jansz “a fucking shit, a pig who eats shit”. “Shit, shit, shit journalists!” he ranted.
“Ninety percent of the people in this country hate you! They hate you! You come for a function where I am and I will tell people this is the editor of The Sunday Leader and 90% there will show that they hate you.” “People will kill you!  People hate you! They will kill you!” he shouted next. As it happens, Ms Jansz took over the newspaper after its founding editor, when she questioned that she will be killed like Lasantha Wickramatunga .the defense secretary seemed to prevaricate. “What? No. Not mine. But they will kill you, you dirty fucking shit journalist.”

It is the recent example of detaining of media.  Media of every country is suffering from interference of politicians. China is protesting to free the media. India is also under the control of political parties and capitalistic. They are saying things which are said by these kinds of people. If someone has dared to expose the scam then journalist have to either lose its job or life. It is very cruel situation where media is forcibly stopped by the powerful people. Media is known as watchdog on democracy and system of general public but when it is under the attack then raising voice against something  will be completely stop and then people have to live once again under the dictatorship. Media have to think globally on this issues and protection of journalist.      

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