Thursday 3 January 2013

Mumbai's Local trouble.......

Life line takes life

            Mumbai city, provides bread and butter to lots of people. It is known as a city which never sleeps. Mumbai is the capital of commercial and entertainment field in India. This state provides 5% of total GDP in India. Every year many visitors come to Mumbai to see the beauty of queen necklace and historical places. Every visitor wants to travel in local trains. It is said about Mumbai that people don't have time to even talk and life is so busy here. Every aspect of Mumbai is wonderful to see, to experience. But the story is incomplete without the Heart of Mumbai i.e "Local trains". Locals are the main target of terrorist. They attacked many times to public by planning in locals. But nothing can change the Mumbai's Lifeline.

            Mumbai is run by the local trains. City has 2342 trains carrying millions of passenger every day. Local has 12 coach and 15 coach. If one day trains are late the whole system is getting to collapse. Last past 6 days every person travelling in locals are suffering of late trains. On December 28 when one of my friend is coming from his job at night he was got stuck in Bhandup after then he walked to Thane and then somehow he'll reach home at 3 in morning. Last past 6 days every railway commuter is suffering from this problem. All these things are happening due to the mega block which includes to remodeling of Thane yard, commissioning of new route relay interlocking (RRI), the test charging of Kalyan- Thane-LTT line, along with alternate current traction work on the Mulund-Kalwa. 

         Every common people has Locals to go to work and when it disturb the whole city is disturbed. On the regular days trains are filled like animals. So what will the situation of past 6 days? There is no need to explain it. Obviously locals are the lifeline of Mumbai but it also takes life of travelers. In these 6 days three people are dead because of overcrowded train. It is not the only case every time some technical problems occurred and trains become late. There is no end.  

         People are really suffered by all this things. People came to station early in hope of to reach office on time. But when trains are late with 1 to 2 hours then situation is become worst. There is no option for people and they have to suffer it until the block will end. Every commuter of locals is really praying to overcome it.      

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