Wednesday 9 January 2013

LGBT's rights.........

LGBT's wants to march, on August kranti maiden  

August kranti maiden is famous for its historical value. The Mahatma Gandhi command to the British on August 8, 1942 marked the launch of Quit India movement.

You can visit Mani Bhavan near this which is a museum of things of Mahatma Gandhi. All this things really makes the importance of August Kranti Maiden. Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community is organizing March on 2nd February. LGBT community is the group who collectively work for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people. Last year they didn't get permission to do march in the maiden. This year they are trying to get permission from the authority. Before this on 28 January, 2012 LGBT’s did flash mob on the famous marine lines. More than 50 people performed a flash mob. But it’s a first time in history where one historical place is going to become witness of LGBT march. Before the last year homosexuality was an offense in India. But after the Delhi court announced that homosexuality is legal in India. Become a homosexual is not a crime it’s just a physical structure of that particular human. To get this right they have really fight hard and finally court has to approve it. Now in India homosexuality is legalized. They have right to live like a human being. Earlier only Canada has homosexuality rights legal. Some was not happy with the court’s decision on homosexuality but it is good India make homosexuality legal apart from its orthodox view point. They are starting their march and we can say as festival on from 14 January with kite-flying competition. If they got permission in August kranti maiden then the importance and history of historical maiden will really enhance.

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