Thursday 17 January 2013

Pak Talk..........

Pakistani Anna Hazare….

Around 50,000 supporters of cleric Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri entered Islamabad peacefully on Monday and camped out on the main avenue of the city. Despite the security measures implemented by the Pakistani government, the protesters delivered heated speeches in favour of Qadri and expressed their hopes for change.
 Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri is a religious guru of Pakistan. He lived 7 years in Canada and just returned last month in Pakistan. He is doing a campaign to change in Democracy of Pakistan without corruption.  He said in his speech held in Islamabad that “we want a pure democracy without any corruption. There are lots of supporters who are demands to expose the reality of corrupt politicians.
He also demanded to arrest PM Raja Parvej Ashraf as soon as possible and to grab all the rights of PM. But After some time number of supporter is reduced. Qadari said that it is the one of the largest supporter that he got. Before this he also protests terror attack in 2010. People are supporting Qadri because of anti terror and corruption ideology. Experts are saying that Military force is doing all this things. If one party who doesn’t have military power goes to another party who also don’t have military power then it will create a history in Pakistan. In Pakistan normal election is organized in March. At this time Navaj Sharif has the power to control on army. For this Military is wanted to make a political earthquake. The latest news said that Pak government approved his condition.   
The interesting part of this that Qadri is referring as Pakistani Anna Hazare…. In India the story of Anna hazare is died. So it become interesting to watch what happens with Pakistani Anna Hazare.  

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