Thursday 3 January 2013

Statement of Dr. Satyapal

Statement of Dr. Satyapal 

        Mumbai's new commissioner Dr. Satyapal  Singh is criticized by the Media on his statement giving in one seminar organised in Indian merchant chamber. The statement was that educated people commit more suicide compare to educated people. The issue is become worst because he pointed to English medium and educated people. He gave the example that when i was commissioner in Pune then i found that in 213 suicide cases 200 person is well educated. People are not accepting this statement but in my opinion suicide is a crime and whatever person is doing this crime is not only bifurcated as educated and uneducated but the mental psychology and situation should be studied by the police. Public is really upset by on this statement.

       They are saying that the farmers who did suicide were not educated. But suicide is done by those people who are lost their life mentally. Dr. Satyapal Singh creates a very good image among the Mumbaikars. He organised Janta darbar for common people to keep their problems in front of Police. He also gave order to every DCP rank Officer has to go and listen problems of public. Luckily during internship I got opportunity to attend one Janta Darbar held in Marine Lines Police Station where Himansu Roy listened the problems of public. It was really a very good effort by Dr. Singh because people gain more faith in Police.

When one senior officer is saying things like this is really become controversial. In reality when people is lost their life then education cannot help anymore. So it is not a matter of education but a matter of society and victim's mentality. This entire thing should be taken into consideration while studying such kind of things it can be a co- incidence that educated people did more suicide but in reality education cannot do anything in suicide.

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