Thursday 3 January 2013

FDI in India....


"Weightage of Walmart "  

         When I was in 12th standard then FDI concept is skipped by our sir who told us that it is not a concept of India but after 2 years in came in limelight and become the main issue in parliament, Media and economist. FDI can be defined as a cross border investment, where foreign assets are invested into the organizations of the domestic market excluding the investment in stock. The full form is Foreign Direct Investment. It brings private funds from overseas into products or services. The domestic company in which foreign currency is invested is usually being controlled by the investing foreign company. E.g. An American Company taking major stake in a company in India.

         Retailing is one of the world’s largest private industries. Liberalizations in FDI have caused a massive restructuring in retail industry. The benefit of FDI in retail industry superimposes its cost factors. Opening the retail industry to FDI will bring forth benefits in terms of advance employment, organized retail stores, availability of quality products at a better and cheaper price. It enables a countries product or service to enter into the global market.
       Walmart is the one of the part of FDI. It is the largest retailer of world. Per hour income of Walmart CEO is more than the Employee’s annual Income. If Walmart can become a country then it is the one of the largest population country in world. The employee of Walmart is can create a force as they are more than the American force. It provides lots of employment in world. Walmart will come to India or not is the different thing but Walmart itself is the world's largest retailer.  

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