Thursday 17 January 2013

Google in china..!!!!

Google return back in china

Google is returning in china once again. Google decide to approve the conditions of china. Google decide to take this step after fall the 9% share in Chinese Market. Government data has showed that Google lost its share with 10% while regional competitor Baidu has increased its share to 61%. Last year Google refused its service after interference china government. In 2011 Google said that china is hacking the accounts of Gmail but china refused it. All this things affect service of Google in china. 

“AS THE world becomes increasingly connected, their decision to be virtually isolated is very much going to affect their physical world.” So declared Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, to a throng of reporters in Beijing. Given that his firm more or less abandoned China’s heavily censored internet search market a few years ago in order not to be “evil”, these sound like fighting words. Mr. Schmidt went on: “The government has to do something—they have to make it possible for people to use the internet.”

In May last year Google cheered its users with a clever if ultimately futile act of defiance. It began informing users that particular search words and phrases did not produce results because, in its opinion, officials were exercising censorship. Google was blocked for 24 hours in November and the censorship of Gmail increased. Then, sometime in December, the firm appears to have stopped providing warnings. Great, an activist group that monitors internet censorship in China, is so incensed by Google’s retrenchment that it fumes: “Google as an anti-censorship fighter may be unworthy of the name.”

China doesn’t want American interference in china. Because of this Chinese government refused Google in china. America is dominating the world media with agency and internet  service.

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