Thursday 17 January 2013

press freedom

China demands press freedom

 China is demanding Freedom of press from several years. In china Media is completely in the hands of Government. Due to this media is just working as a puppet in the hands of politicians. So the reporters and editors from southern weekend newspaper protest the interference of politician in media. The gatherings outside Southern Weekend’s office have been relatively small: a few hundred people on Monday, January 7th, and at most about a hundred on Tuesday. But the rhetoric of the speakers who took turns to address the crowd appears to have grown bolder. Several called for freedom of the press and freedom of speech—as well as free elections—to shouts of approval from those who had gathered around on the pavement in front of the building. Remarkably, around 20 police deployed at the scene made no effort to stop the speakers or remove slogans expressing similar sentiments, held aloft by a few of the participants.

Communist party of china has said that it is a plan of foreign country to remove the control over media. Central committee of CPC has issued one memo containing that media will not be free for by the party. They are not even wanted to change the rules of media control. Media is known as the watchdog on democracy but if the political party controls the media then people can’t even raise the voice against government whether they are right or wrong.
In India scenario is not same like china but the condition is somehow like this only media is not completely in hands of government. Most of the newspaper and channel has share of politician and cooperates. For example Saamana is a mouthpiece of Shivsena, Sakal of Pawar family, Hindustan times is birla groups paper. So when capitalistic own the papers then media manipulation is easy. Media is become a business instead of one responsibility of society.       

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