Thursday 3 January 2013

Media campaign for Delhi girl......

Role of media in Delhi Happenings

             Delhi Gang rape case raises the voice of people against rape and sexual harassment of women in country. Media which is known as spoke person of public has represented it many ways. This case is come into so lime light just because of media gave lots of importance to this news. Every paper and news channel presents the situation and seriousness very well. What I have watched in these 2 weeks in media is given below.

               It was such a big case and suddenly media paid lots of attention to rape cases. Every paper has started its campaign for women safety. Hindustan times is "make city safe for women" DNA with "Enough is enough" and Times of India named "Women under attack". Every news paper is trying to best to put the every aspect of Delhi case. News channels are also presenting debate of experts. Most of the newspaper is providing column for women to share their bad experience on sexual harassment in city. You can mail and share it on Facebook page. Campaign has one logo referring their whole idea of women safety. But the shameful situation came on that when media forgets their basic ethic. One news channel has on aired a Facebook profile of one girl showing that it's a profile of victim and one newspaper reveals the name of her brother. All this thing really shows that media is become only a competitors.Is there any need of media to show the profile page of victim? or to reveal name of her brother?

              Making such kind of issue is burning is good for the society but after that competition makes media so blind that they just only focus to win. From these two weeks every rape case is carrying front or second page but if something biggest happens then this news will just go into briefs.        

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