Wednesday 16 January 2013

Railways hike in fare prices.

"Indian railway hiked it price..."

The railway minister Mr. Pawan Kumar Bansal has announced hike in price of railway fare. Last March when Trinamool Cogress Railway minister Dinesh trivedi hiked the price, at that time the head of TMC Mamata Benrjee denied his decision. Here the point of increment of railway fare is that it can help to modernize the railway tracks and coach.
Passengers are already wanted to pay more for better service. So, it is healthy to increase fare price for better service. Other point is that private sectors are also wants to invest in Railway. Railway is the only whole public sector organized by government. So, in this case if the private sectors invest in Railway, the price will hike with the better service. But on the other hand if Railway is also dominated by private sector the subsidies in fare price and the cheap fare for travelling will really affect. India is a developing country but here lots of thing is remain to change. The quality of railway routes, time schedule is still poor and you can't get trains on time. 
If we want to see India as developed country the transportation should be developed. As, In today Railway are the only cheap medium of transport compare to other medium, so it is really interesting to watch that what pros and cons is brought by private sector and the hike in fare price.      

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