Wednesday 2 January 2013

Happy New year.......

"New year resolution?" 

       We did finally good bye to 2012.And ready to face, enjoy and celebrate one more fantastic year i.e.2013. In 2012, everyone is afraid that world will end and Hollywood Movie 2012 came up with lots of dangerous thought and people will realize that world will really end like this? But at last nothing happened to the earth. 2012 end with bad news of Delhi happening. Every one is asking each other what is your New Year resolution? So what exactly means from Resolution? Dictionary meaning say Resolution means “to make a firm decision to do something."  it is also said as fresh start of life. Resolution play very important role in our life. We make resolution for New Year and Companies make resolution for their company profit and success. It’s a different thing that how much we follow our decided resolution but it’s a fun and kind of changes which we want to take out in our lives. 

         Every new morning brings new rays for us so what happened in last year should not remembered by us. So here resolution plays a role to correct your mistake. every persons resolution may be different, Like one smoker will make resolution that i will quit smoking.... one failure will work hard to pass the fresher will work hard to get the proper actor has resolution to give a hit movie this year.
     New Year resolution helps people to find out to achieve one decided goal. Yeah! It’s important to make a goal in life and in year. Without aim life is aim less. If every year you achieve your decided goal then you can achieve success in your life. 

           The funny thing about Resolution is that everyone makes it and forgets it in just 1 week which is a funniest thing. When I asked one of my friend what is your resolution? She said "to follow last year’s resolution." Resolution is only remembered by people only starting days of year and after that no one bother to follow including me also.          

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