Thursday 10 January 2013

Activists, not pin-ups

Pussy, Honey Riot...........

Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist punk- rock collective based in Moscow. Founded in August 2011, it has a variable membership of approximately 11 women with the colorful mask aged between 20 to 33 years. The colorful balaclavas they wore to perform their "punk prayer," the quote statements in court, and the sentencing of three of them. This is the English translation of the “punk prayer”.
Virgin birth-giver of God, drive away Putin!
Drive away Putin, drive away Putin!

Black frock, golden epaulettes
Parishioners crawl bowing [toward the priest, during the Eucharist]
Freedom's ghost [has gone to] heaven
A gay-pride parade [has been] sent to Siberia in shackles

Their chief saint is the head of the KGB
He leads a convoy of protestors to jail
So as not to insult the Holiest One
Woman should bear children and love
Shit, shit, the Lord's shit!
Shit, shit, the Lord's shit!

The punk prayer's lyrics have done much to highlight, even exacerbate, deep-rooted divisions in Russian society over faith, the exercise of personal freedoms, and the concept of justice. Acts of desecration of church property began multiplying shortly after the band members' sentencing, with the result that the State Duma, with the Church's support, is pushing for legislation that would criminalize blasphemy. 

The same case is happened in India. Punjabi rapper and youth icon Yo Yo honey Singh has presented a song, which depict violence against women. This song is released after the Delhi Gang rape case, where one side people is are fighting for justice of that girl. The lyrics is so bold to even present in this blog. He described the women only as a sex toy. Because of this some social activists file a case against honey Singh. Even they canceled his concert on the New Year eve. After this honey Singh denied from the lyrics responsibility.

In both the cases Rapper are arrested to diminish the respect of church and women. But it not a first time rappers are arrested due to controversy.

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