Wednesday 9 January 2013

new measurement for women safety

SC decisions will really work...?

Delhi gang rape case made government aware on the women centric issue. People are also becoming aware to raise voice against molestation, rape and eve-teasing. Rally made by public and women safety campaign done by media peoples are working on public as they are now raising voice against all this crime. The other thing which came out from all these Delhi happening is that now every girl and women knows their rights which they care about previously. On 4th January, Hindustan times published an article in their campaign "Make city safer for women". In this article they are talked about new rules and regulation passed by the Supreme Court to protect the women. Here they have given the rules and the implementation of that rules.
Install CCTV cameras in public places
There will be a direction to state governments and union territories to install CCTVs in strategic positions which itself would be a deterrent and if detected, the offender could be caught.
CCTV can be a great help to reduce such kind of incident. CCTV should be installing specially on railway platform, Subways, Skywalk. But installing CCTV is not a primary thing to do but to maintain its condition is more important as most of the CCTV is not working due to the ignorance of the authority.

Authorities to take charge

Persons in charge of educational institutions, places of worship, cinema theatres, railway stations and bus stands have to take steps they deem fit to prevent eve-teasing within their precincts and, on a complaint being made, they must pass on the information to the nearest police station, or the women's help centre.  
It’s a good way to reduce the eve- teasing in crowded places.

Safer public transport

Where either passengers or persons in-charge of a public service vehicle indulge in eve-teasing, the crew shall, on a complaint made by the aggrieved person, take the vehicle to the nearest police station and give information to the police. Failure to do so should lead to cancellation of the permit to ply.
This initiative will really help to stop the inconvenience on the local transport like buses. In trains the coach is different for ladies and gents but in buses there is no chance to get rid of eve- teasing so this decision will really help to women.

Help lines needed for women

 State governments and union territories are directed to establish a women's helpline in various cities and towns, so as to curb eve-teasing within three months.

 Help lines may help to get instant help from authorities but the main issue with help line is that it never works on time. So police personnel should such kind of help line which can work 24*7.

Boards against harassment

Suitable boards cautioning against eve-teasing should be exhibited in the precincts of educational institutions, bus stands, railway stations, cinema theatres, parties, beaches, public service vehicles, places of worship, etc.

Eve- teasing is still not treating as crime so such kind of initiative will really help to working girls and women.

 Passers-by must intervene

Responsibility is also on passers-by who should report such incidents to the nearest police station or to the women’s helpline.

It is great to put a responsibility on the shoulder of passers because no one wants to involve in legal things.

State govts should step in

State governments and union territories should take effective measures by issuing suitable instructions to authorities including district collectors and the superintendent of police on effective and proper measures to curb eve-teasing.

The protecting responsibility is in the hands of the state government. So it good that state government is taking measures.




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