Thursday 3 January 2013

Cases of Knife attacking...

Acid, Knife, Attack 

            In last one month I read two cases where boy or husband tried to kill their girlfriend and wife attacking with knife. One case was happened in Dadar where husband wants to kill his wife but mistakenly he injured to other girl and the other case where a college boy attack on his girlfriend and after he killed himself. The case happening in such a level that it is become a threat to society if a girl will refuse someone then he can attack you with knife and Acid. All these things have become the tool for men's to take revenge from girl who refuses their order.

          Throwing Acid is one of the "National" tools of men to spoil any girl's life. India has some of the big cases regarding to this entire thing. One case of girl is where boys from her village thrown acid on her face because she raise the voice against the boys. Other case happened in Thane where one boy literally attacked to his girlfriend publicly because she refused to marry him. All of these cases are the evidence that men's can never want to defeat from a girl and refused by them.

          Who is responsible for all this? The answer is the upbringing of boys and the Indian patriarchal system. They doesn't want to refused by anyone specially a Girl who are treat as weaker part of society mentally as well physically. Some will say that media and movies are responsible for this where if a girl refuse a proposal of boy they will kidnapped and raped her. Yeah! Its true Media is portraying women weaker but when we talked about Hollywood movies then we get to know that their women are portrayed as bold and strong. Even the movies are present Heroine as Hero of the movie. Movies like Resident Evil, Salt and Cat women are the movie where heroine is the hero. Indian cinema is also taking its steps to such kind of movies like movie "Heroine", "Kahani". One thing I really liked in movie "Ek the tiger" that there Katrina has given the equality with salman in the action scenes.

       Here I gave example of movie which represent the two context of media from different country as per the women are concern. The whole idea of telling this is India has to change its patriarchal system.       

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