Monday 25 January 2016

Impact of social media, let's evaluate

Impact of social media, let's evaluate 

When we are talking about social media the first thought come in our mind is facebook, twitter, Whatsapp. I am just mentioning these three social media tools here but there are many other social media which are impacting our life. 

At that time when we didn't have a mobile phone we use telephones after that mobile phone started to come and then the things are still developing. Best quality of the camera in phones, music system in phones then internet. 

Simultaneously, the idea of getting closer to the people was also on the move and finally facebook, twitter, WhatsApp has become an integral part of our life. As every coin has two aspects same applies to the social media too. Here I am listing some pros and cons of social media on our life. 


1) Instant connection:

I still remember the day when my mom uses to walk far away to find the STD booth to call her mother. She has to maintain the time and money so she talks to her mom only for 3 to 4 minutes. But now when everybody has mobile phones with affordable price tag. Now she can see her mom while talking. All credit goes to video calling.

2) Better communication: 

Social media has revamped our communication now we can connect with everyone without any hassle and problem. 

3) Marketing:

Social media has become one of the easiest platforms to market one's service and product with minimal cost. You tube has various videos to explain about the product, Blogosphere is another way of marketing. The social media has really made advertising an easy task.


1) The importance of relation decreased: 

Even though social media has helped everyone to connect with the far-flung friends but while connecting with them we tend to forget our REAL friends and family.

2) No privacy:

Today every person love to share their life event on social media. But one has to be careful while sharing such kind of privacy online. There are many cases has reported where one have to face consequences. 

3) Cyber bulling:

Online harassment has become the frequent drawback. The photos which you have posted on the internet can become the tool to harass. 

4) Time-consuming with no productivity:

Frankly speaking, on one hand when social media is helping to save our time, on the other hand they consume our time. Really chatting, forwarding useless stuff to everyone is just time confusing process. There is nothing so productive about this. 


Social media is helping us to gain many things in life but in the context, they are spoiling our life. As the excess of anything is harmful so the same rule applies to social media. One has to be careful while sharing their personal stuff online. Whereas social media is become the one step ahead in the communication. So choose your side and move on that. 

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