Monday 17 December 2012

reality of India

India to Narway

Its not a fiction story ... it is true...
                          ( picture is only for representational purpose) 
                           It was the day when i was doing internship and i found one little boy in train. he was alone and very innocent. I saw him and felt very sorry for him when i asked about his family.... what he said made me very sad. he said that he was lived like this past 4 month because his stepmother beats and father always tortured him. he lost his mother at a very young age.when i asked him that if he want to join school again he said 'yes'. i promised him that i will definitely help you. 
                          At that day i contact one NGO working for child and luckily next day i found him on that same train and handover to NGO people.every case must be need to register in police station. so i also gone with them and the police... sorry to say but they don't have manner to even talk. they really scold that child that it was your mistake and said to the NGO people that "kaha kaha se lekar aate ho agar aise bacche ghar se bhag jate hai to ( addressing to the another child who was recently rescued by them) mana ki koi galti hai par aise bacche to khud hi bhagte hai" after listening this i felt very sorry for India that they refer "bacche bhagwan ka roop hote hai" only in book not in real life. on the other side Narway has sent parents because they are not taking good care of their child and the behavior of Indian police is very cruel.  Poilce and Government is made for the rich if they are poor then they did "SIN" and if rich does same... it could be just a "MISTAKE". 
                          This is the future of  Indian children who will be known as the future of India. 

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