Tuesday 18 December 2012

Next Prime Minister ..

Next Prime Minister .........! 

                  Narendra Modi one of the icons of Gujarat is near to winning race of Prime minister as per the result of exit polls today. He is a very good leader there is no doubt about it. He shows new face of Gujarat which is self dependent and developed as well. Because of this most of the person want that Modi should become the prime minister of India. But now this will not remain in the talks because exist polls has finally revealed that Modi will become the next prime minister of India. Here the question arrives that how he can work on that large basis on the one side Gujarati families only binds to their own business and generally do not take care on education so in today also the Education quality of Gujarat is bad.  Bofors scam, 2G scam where is A. Raja was a telecom minister with lots of pre planning and finally a case of Robert Wadra, son- in-law of Congress. All these scam has really spoils the image of Congress. So, it is but obvious that people will believe the opposition party. Narendra Modi is now become a leader of common man just like Gadhiji...............!
            In this time both the party plays the various roles in politics -congress and Gujarat as per the exit polls results we can say that this is the BJP means only one Narendra Modi’s sucess. During these elections some are holding the Gujarat’s development point, then economically progressive. But what about the rural areas development? It still remains. The all satellite channels, print media all the ministerial parties are with modi and the only three are opposed. And obvious this is congress party.

            If we go throughout his historical work and also development, we can say that it does still remain around him and his monopoly system. During election time also he promises to be very low. there is lots of issues is related to Mr. Modi one of them was the "Godhara kand " where he is  constantly criticize by Media and people and the second burning issue of Modi is commenting on Sunanda Tharoor, wife of Shashi Tharoor. It was a very bad situation and mentality of Mr. Modi. According to me where you are living is India and women are worship like Goddess one Senior Minister is commenting on someone else wife is the very bad condition for India. From the year 2002 Modi was constantly being into limelight more for controversy compare to his work for Gujarat. He also made a hat trick record. Congress Government is always spoil name just for the scam either it farmers and other rural areas people. Are he comes out with the results or not?                 
            His works shows that his rapid urbanization and industrializations development work only highlighted, but his other ever growing other castes development? And also his crimes are ignored. So how can he make the bright future and handled the whole Government?  2002 is the keynote of Modi’s work. Even the major problem is that the Muslims are suffered too much in Gujarat. They don’t have freedom like in India anywhere without Gujarat.
            Only the positive part we can say that the re-election of BJP when they lost it. If I were a member of BJP think that, I would have certainly taken note of this warning in a constructive way. The root threat for BJP in Gujarat may be of the same way as in the past elections. Given the sense of let-down Indian voters have for governments they elect, Modi's. Even if a Gujarati citizen hasn't benefited (or benefited adequately) from the economic boom of the past decade, he or she still feels there is hope and implicitly trusts Modi's model.

What is the larger message from this?
              Essentially Mr. Modi and his authoritarian model of leadership are first and foremost a threat to the BJP as well as the sangh parivar. The harsh reality is that the Chief Minister has within the power of monetary, political and administrative; and more important now he become a central leaders are dependent on him to get into the national legislature.
It is now a matter of historical record how, after the 2002 massacre, the Gujarat Chief Minister was able to mobilize sentiments in the BJP against the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his things to Mr. Modi to observe the rites of raj dharma. Since then, the party has continuously found itself Mr. Modi’s under.

            Mr. Modi’s supreme authority has prospered not just at the expense of the BJP; the sangh parivar too should have reason to worry. The RSS brass will ponder over the fact that today all its frontal organisations — the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the Bharatiya Kisan Sangh, the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh. What they are done with each other? Only hindutvavadi riots and nothing else. And on the basis of riots he wants success as a main leader.

             How can these possible to making a courage nation without following a main constitutional rules and regulation. What should be done? Only urban areas industrials work?

            Are these is not once again like British Gulamgiri and now Gujarat wants to creating a power.

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