Wednesday 25 December 2013

Prayer to God...

What is harassment....??  a way to treat women or a way to degrade confidence of women. I don't know how to describe harassment. Because every other day harassment comes with different idea.. different faces and then suddenly become sexual harassment.

I don' t thing their must be only one type of harassment because every other thing which attacks your mind, soul & body is Harassment. Every women in this world suffers from harassment. Either mentally or physically. I don't know how to stop them how to change their mind... especially mindset..!!  but its a nightmare for all the women on earth with Hippocratic face of harassment and men. 

workplace harassment .. eve teasing.. rape all that things are a way to degrade women.. i will definitely blame mindset of men in our society and the pattern of patriarchal system. Due to this the things are now becoming worse in spite of  women empowerment.

Another thing is that in our society women are just considered a flesh of their ringmaster i.e. Husband.. I don't know why this is not yet changed in the era of 21st century. the Delhi rape case, tandoor kand, Madhumita case, Fiza case are just a warning for all of us. 

We always make debate of women reservation, women empowerment, women security but all the things are just in vain... There is no need to make such a stupid kind of debate. only the thing we must have to do is change the thinking pattern of our people ..Men . At the time when this will happen then all the women will automatically feel secure.. empowered. 

But it is possible .. or not..?? No guarantee because what I am watching in the era of 21st century.. is horrible.. then how can I say my next generation will not face the same thing... God knows.. Until miracle will happen these things will never changed ... not at least in my life.. I am sure about this but I will pray for my coming generation that miracle should happen.. As soon as possible..  

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