Thursday 3 January 2013

Relative of Dawood...

         "Miyadad Majara"

              There is a news that Javed Miyadad is coming to India to see the match of India and Pakistan. Many people may oppose it as he is the relative of Dawood Ibrahim, one of the most wanted criminal in 1993 blast. Javed Miyadad's son got married with Dawood's daughter in 2005. Due to all this everyone is opposing of Miyadad's visiting in India. Some are saying that visiting him in India is not less than visiting Dawood in country.
           Many political parties is also opposing his visiting in India. Here the point came that Bala saheb thackrey has very good bonding with Miyadad. He also met Balasaheb in "Matoshree". But now when shivsena supreno is no more then Why Shivsena is also opposing his visting in India. Spoke person of shivsena Sanjay Raut said to media that "Giving visa to him is not less than giving visa to Dawood" I think some political reason is forcing them to do so. The other point is that Is really his visiting affects people of India. So here yes it can .... they seeing Miyadad as relative of Dawood. If he came to India then sentiments of all the people will really get hurt. He is a cricketer is different thing but relative of Dawood means he himself is presenting Dawood to India. When his Son married to Dawood's daughter in 2005 at that time India didn't provide him visa. Pakistani media said that he is coming in group visa and sending by the Pakistan Cricket board.  

            India is searching Dawood from 1993 but nothing happened in this situation if Miyadad came to India then the reaction of public is acceptable.


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