Sunday 21 February 2016

A JNU alumni, A Jat died for the country but the others ...

It is said that 'the person who gets chance to die for the country is the luckiest person on this earth.' The one country named INDIA, and there are many brave soldiers who get martyr every day to save the borders of this country. They sacrifice their life happily so that the citizen can sleep a peaceful night. They are saving the country's border but are we saving our country?

Capt. Pawan Kumar, 23, an elite Para commando died fighting terrorist on Sunday in Pampore at Kashmir valley.  He was one of the four security personnel killed in the operations at Pampore where terrorist are hold up in the government building.

He was born on the day of Army day, graduated from the 123 course of the National Defence Academy and was commissioned into the Army on December 14, 2013. He was with the 10 Para Special forces and in service for less than three years. Source

His father lost his sole son but still he proudly says 'I have only one son and I sacrificed my son for this country. No father can be prouder than this.'

He was a JAT from Jind district in Haryana and a degree holder from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi.

JAT, who are fighting for reservation and JNU students who are fighting against its own country. Capt. Pawan Kumar coincidently belongs to these two group. who are now on the peak of burning the country.

When these group of people are fighting against its own country, this brave soldier sacrificed his life to protect this country. He loves his country, and all that matter was to love for the country and not calls of 'Azadi' on campus or reservation demand by his community members in Haryana.

'Kisiko reservation chahiye to kisiko azadi bhai, Hume kuch nahi chahiye bhai, Bas apni Razai' (Some want a reservation, some independence, I don't need anything brother, I only want my quilt) writes 23 year old captain of the elite force in his last facebook post.

This statement of his truly depicts that he was sad with the ongoing demands of Jat in Haryana and blind independence movement going at JNU campus.

I big laugh to everybody who thinks that reservation can solve their problems, reservation need to be distributed on the basis of ability, not on the basis of caste.

JNU students, what are you getting by doing all these things? you are born in this country, you are here standing on this holy land and you are blaming this land only. If you really want to do something for this country then stand up do some good for poor, do something for the people who do not get two time-meals, use your education don't be so blind to blame your own country. You are the future of this country don't put this country in shame!!

Capt. Pawan Kumar got a respectful death !! A death where he dedicated his life to this mother land.... Spreading violence in the country, blaming their own country with the misuse of  'Freedom of Speech' are the something which hurts this brave soldier.

The last message of this brave soldier really depicts his sadness for the ongoing events in the country.

Rest in peace Sir !! you are the gem of this country!! we will never forget you!!  But the things which keep hurting is A JNU alumni, A Jat died for the country but the others ...

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