Wednesday 16 September 2015

Why there is shame communicating in your native language/mother tongue?

How many of you know that 14 September is marked as ‘Hindi Divas’? Maybe you must have remembered this during school days because on that day you have to prepare speeches in Hindi. As now school are over then there is no reason to remember this day because you must have forgotten to speak Hindi in corporate offices.  Many of you will say why you are writing an article on mother tongue in English cause I know if I will write in Hindi then many of you will not understand the single word.

‘Please reply if you are fluent in English.’  ‘We want someone who is fluent in speaking as well as in written English.’ these two lines are irony for me! Yes being a Vernacular medium, I have to face much discrimination during the interview. One of the HR even told me that if you are from Hindi medium how you can be confident enough to write an error free English article? One said hmmm… you are from Hindi medium, we can’t hire you I am sorry as it is against our company policy. There is lots of another event which are enough to suck my confidant and my honest proud to stand first in my department. Not only job I've suffered from this discrimination in my first year of college too.

I know English is required and I must put enough strength to learn English but when I've learnt A, B, C, D in sixth standard then how can I able to compete convent, graduates?

I am not getting gaga over my situation and failure in life but many a time I feel disappointed that I do not consider as eligible because I cannot talk fluent English.

Another point to write this article is the slow death of Hindi and other native languages. Today most of the children are learning in English medium and Hindi is the second language for them. They can’t understand minor words in Hindi. They feel shame if their parents can’t talk in English. Yesterday my colleague was filling some government form where she can’t even able to understand the meaning of  'उत्पन्न' it means 'income' for those who don’t know what  'उत्पन्न is.  I know English is a must but my question is if we India are the origin of language and we have thousands of efficient language then why we are becoming a slave of a foreign language. Many of you will say that English is helping us to stand globally. Yes! I do agree but you can do this with your own language too. Japan educates to their students in Japanese language and is they are the third world country or globally recognized country?

I've heard most of the parents talking happily that my child do not understand Hindi and we don’t want to make them learn? If someone talks in their native language in train or bus people start to make a face. I've once asked to a one of my friend who was ultra-modern that do you know Bhojpuri she proudly said ‘NO! Who the hell will learn Bhojpuri, yuck? ’ I still remember her face.

This is the situation of the country where the youngsters are cutting off the roots of the prominent culture of the world and their mother tongue in the blind name of modernity. We've one professor in college who once sued a girl who said that she can’t speak her native language. What she said was one of best lesson in my life ‘It’s okay if you don’t know English, but it’s really shameful that you can’t speak your own mother tongue.’

By writing this article, I don’t have any intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments but I just want to convey to India that if you will respect your motherland and mother tongue then you can create a developed nation in real sense. 

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