Tuesday 1 September 2015

Why I am against of reservation ?

The Burning issue - Reservation 

Gujarat is burning, the whole country is burning from the demand of reservation and who is the mastermind of all these non- sense is 21-year-old, Hardik Patel. Maybe younger than me and he is shaking whole the country with his outrageous speech. My friend has written very good article on this issue 

So, today I am writing this article to present the fact why I am against the reservation?  Reservation can be simply defined, ‘the act to reserve something’. After the independence, reservation played a vital role to uplift the weaker section of society and eradicate untouchability and other stupid practice existed in India. Where certain percent of seats were secure for weaker section of the society. They need a chance to grow up and reservation helped them to come up and grow. I totally agree with this and can say that ‘quota system’ was the need of that time.

Now, take a span of 69 years and what you can see! A group of people … Oh sorry! A group of richer people is demanding reservation. They are burning the whole Gujarat to get seats in government occupied jobs. Are they are poor? No, they are the richest community of India. Are they don’t have jobs? What jobs, they have their own settled business. So why they are demanding reservation? Think about it! All these events are just political agenda nothing else.

Just move why I am against of reservation?

1)     Are you weak? I am asking this to you yes! Are you weak, are you not able to make your own identity and want to get a chance because ‘meharbani’ of reservation.

2)     Are you eligible? Maybe yes or not, but you can get jobs because of quota.

I asked this question, to shake your mind. The reservation system has now become an easy process of getting jobs and money. No need to give effort just march in a rally and kneel down the government to give you quota. Life will be easy. It was started to uplift the weaker section… but now everyone is equal. Do you know many of the eligible students have to drop their education because they don’t have a single penny to pay as fees. On the other side, ineligible, richer reserved students get scholarship to complete education. There both hands are in the golden pot.

I DON’T NEED RESERVATION TO SHOW WHAT I CAN DO? But I think many of the people do not have faith in his own effort so they BEG for reservation. If two horse is in the race, the first one is eligible and another one is lazy. Then what can you do… just tie first horse legs with reservation and the other horse will be the winner.

I want to see better India, Not for me but for the future generation. I cannot see any eligible person have to drop the dreams like I did! I was eligible, but reservation ruined my dreams. Just ERADICATE THIS SHITTY SYSTEM OF RESERVATION!!! And let everyone make their own way. 


  1. Very well written Sheetal...and thank you so much for adding the link to my blog...this system needs to change and our govt needs to realise that the reservation policy now needs to be reviewed. Let us all talk about it, write about it and share so that it reaches the concerned authorities and hopefully creates a difference...of course it will require years but let's just hope that our next generation won't witness such burning cities due to a petty issue of reservation like this!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Very True Pooja .. I think we all need to wake up and joint hands together to remove reservation system.


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