Wednesday 2 January 2013

"Indian Ideology for Women"

"Do not treat us Goddess"

         India is the country where women are worshiped as "Goddess" in name of Durga, Laxmi, Sarswati. There are lots of similar words describing women like Damini,Vanita and so more.But somehow all this things remains only in books and Granthas. The reality is just opposite of this. The gang rape happened in Delhi is the current reality of all this bol bachan reciting in Grantha and our religious book. In India gang rape or rape is happening in every minute and Delhi case was so bad so it came into lime light.But it good that some where people are raising their voice against this crime which can be first step to fight of such kind of cases. I have analyzed and made point to how it happens? the reason? and Finally Solution:-

  • What is the Reason? Who are responsible for this?  
       First of all we all know that our Indian context and the inequality between men and women lead all this kind of crime in country.Family upbringing also plays a vital role in this thing. Family gives more importance to boy compare to a girl. Sharm aur haya  ladki ka gahna hai. and lots of other ready made dialogue is made only for Girls. If i will start from beginning our ancestors are equally responsible for all this mentality of people. In older days King has four to five wives. all this thing portray women as only sex object. The mentality of men in our country is really very narrow in spite they will become Doctor and engineer. but the thinking will remain same as one illiterate villager.The girl was brutally raped and killed by them. Just a pleasure of minutes takes a life from one talented girl. Here, yes they are responsible for this crime but directly or indirectly every citizen of India is responsible to this. In Mahabharata  Draupadi cheer haran, In Ramayana Agni pariksha of Seeta All this thing is not responsible for men's mentality? 

  • What will the Solution? 
         Every girl of this country is somehow molest and harrased by someone somewhere. It's obvious that Law should be strong and family support to the girl is a best medicine for girls.and in last every girl must have art of self defense. If anyone want to change the mentality of men's the initiative will take by the family member do not make your too shy and the flower make them rose with horn. I had watched one of the demonstrators showing poster of "Do not treat us Goddess but just treat as a human Being". It shows that women never want that you should give respect as Goddess just give respect as normal human being.   

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