Thursday 10 January 2013

Iran is creating software to control Social media

Software to control Social media

According to local media, Iran's latest effort to control internet access would reportedly give citizens "restricted and controlled" access to prohibited social networking sites, the AFP reports. Iran has had an uneasy relationship with the web, especially as political tension between it and the United States government has widened; the country's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a fatwa outlawing anti-filtering tools that help citizens access blocked material on the internet in May, and the country has reportedly been working on a government-run network that would operate "largely isolated" from the rest of the internet, fearing Western attacks. But some citizens have ignored the bans, bypassing Iranian filters and controls using virtual private networks.
In an apparent recognition of its inability to completely block the outside world, the country is reportedly now taking additional measures with "intelligent software" to control access to social networks
Iran country has lots of restriction on the social issue. They are very choosy to use such kind of technical thing which can help people to raise and spread their voice in world. They are making software which can regulate social networking sites.
It's not clear when the software will be finished, or exactly how it will function, but it could be an automated filtering system that removes or blocks blasphemous or other controversial content. Earlier this month, the country launched its own version of YouTube dubbed Mehr, which allows users to upload and view content they create, and watch videos from Iranian national broadcaster IRIB.
If they will create such kind of software that every country wants to use it. With the help of this they can regulate the idea and voice of general public. Case happened in Palghar where two girls are arrested because of the comment on Facebook on Balasaheb thakarey. Even Kapil Sibbal has reported the cartoons of Sonia and Manmohan. So in this case the software will really affects the voice of common people.

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