Friday 21 December 2012

20 Minutes compare to 24*7....

Compare of Doordarshan and Private News Channels 

              As we all know that Doordarshan was the first Indian channel on television. Where lots of serials and actors discovered their way in Bollywood. The shows like "Hum Panch" and "Surag" was excellent and others programs were also very good enough.  here I am going to talk you about the critical analysis of news presented by Doordarshan and Private channel. 
                       Following points includes the differentiation between Doordarshan and Times Now :                  

 Ownership: Doordarshan was the first launch in 15 September, 1959 by Prasar Bharati. this helps to begin the era of television in country. While Times Now was launched on 23 January,2006 By Times of India group.

Technology: Doordarshan is a channel that doesn't have lots of technology due to this they are unable to show the things with the great graphics and pictures. while Times Now is a group of Times of India they are acquired a great technology with graphics.

Time duration and scope for presenting the News :  Doordarshan has only 20 minute time slot to represent the News in front of audience, so DD only chooses the burning issue of the day. In today's DD samachar they have talked about the Delhi gang rape and Suresh Kalmadi's fraud case. In that they have just bifurcate the Delhi Gang rape case in different Bytes of Sushil Kumar Shinde, R. K Singh and Byte of Doctors and Lawyer and they just able to introduce the main headlines of the day while times now is able to show the audience a live scene of the issue. Times now is able to conduct campaign "where is my India?" where they are taking a Wox Pox of the people protesting near Jantar mantar, 10 Janpath, Jammu and safdarjung hospital. they are also showing the comment of public  commented on Twitter and also takes a call from public.

Presenting and forming Public Opinions:  Delhi rape case is very sensitive case so media is putting their 100% to represent the view of public. Doordarshan is unable to show the Public Opinion meanwhile Times Now starts the campaign against this. here the conclusion came that due to the time shortage they are unable to present it well.But one point i noted that DD News present the limited news with great presentation in terms of anchoring and news selection.

Conclusion: Doordarshan has very less time and scope to present the News and the other private channels has 24 hours time slot to represent News. So they are able to come across the views of public. twitter, call by people and campaign while Doordarshan is lacking behind to all this entire element. So in short, private channels are overtaking the Doordarshan 20 minute slot with their 24*7 hour time span with lots of creativity and technology.I find that the time duration is the main factor that affects the quality of DD News with Private channels.

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